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How is it called the time when world war 2 ended? zero hour
3 result of WW2? lost of territories, 10 million refugees, Germany divided in 4
What where the allies goals for permanent political control and the reeducation of the Germans? denazification, dismanteling, democratisation, demilitarisation
When was it and in what consist the Truman doctrine? in 1947,it was based on the containment of the soviet expansion and maybe the start of the cold war
US-Marshallplan dates and what was it? 1947-1951 rebuilding and creating a stronger foundation for the allied contries of europe, repelling comunism
Currency Reform, dates etc? 1948, precondition for the economic miracle
new democratic constitution, date? parliamentary council worked out the new democratic and federalistic consitution for west german state, called basic law, 1949
where was the provisional capital of Germany? Bonn
mention 4 political parties in germany CDU, cristian, spd, social, free, fdp, all democratic party
First Chancellor, name, and what he did? Konrad Adenaur, integration of west germany into the western block
Treaties of Paris, date, 3 pints 1954, ambassadors of allies, NATO % WEU memebershop and Haññstein Doctrine
Conclusion 10 years after the war integration of 10 million refugees, west germany as a credible partner to the western allies, but the price of a divided Germany
Reasons and date for the creation of the Berlin wall? 1961, thousand of people fled from east to west making an economic difference between the 2 states.
3 essential, by whom which ones Kennedy, free access to west Berlin, liberty to the people in west Berlin, permanent Western parties in the city
Wirtshachwunder, economic miracle, date & consist of? economic boom in the middle of the 50s, free market system with a social orientation
The big coalition, which parties, and consequences? CSU+SPD, stimulating the economy and modernisation, new foreign policy, cessation of emergy law of the allies
student movement, date and what is it? 1968, against Vietnam war, students involvement and participation, modern education, woman equalitys, in germany they were specially against the -german emergency acts--
Political credit of the movement of the 68? modernisation of society, preocupaiton of supressed subjects
Chancellot Willy Brandt, date, and acts? 1969-1974, 1st social democratic chancellor, and important politician who resisted the nazi regime, recognition of two german states(new eastern politics)
Treaty of Warsaw? Willy Brandt knee at the monumen tof the victims of WW2 as a gesture of humildity
Basic treaty, date, and points 72, respect their sovereignty, establish 3C's, both germanies joined the united nations
Helmut schmidt, pints fight economic stability, fight unemployment with public investments
protest movements in Germany? antinuclear & enviromental activits, mass demostration against rearmament, german autumn
Helmut Kohl chancellor after helmut schmidt, laster for 16 years, longer government german chancellor
the greens ecologist and social, basic-democrati, pacifisct party
end of the GDR in 1989 1991 the new soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev became the new soviet leader and brought new policirs of opennes and political and economical restructuring, the communist block began to fall
when did the berlin wall faled? and german reunificaiton date 9 of nov of 1989, 3 oct 1990
Created by: jnartig
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