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Study Guide from Ms. Happ's Mythology Course

What is the definition of an Archetype? A universal symbol, motif or theme found among many different cultures
Examples for Red archetypes? Blood, sacrifice, passion and disorder
Examples of Green Archetypes? Growth, hope and fertility
Examples of Blue Archetypes? Positive, tranquil, secure, spiritual purity
Examples of Black Archetypes? Darkness, chaos, mystery, unknown, death, wisdom, melancholy, evil
Examples of White Archetypes? Light, purity, innocence, timelessness; Negative: death, terror, supernatural
Examples of Yellow Archetypes? Enlightenment, wisdom
Examples of the Number 3 Archetypes? Light, spiritual awareness, unity, holy trinity, male principal
Examples of the Number 4 Archetypes? Circle life cycle, four seasons, female principal
Examples of the Number 7 Archetypes? Most potent of symbolic numbers, unity of 3 and 4, completion of cycle, perfect order and number, religious symbol; eg: 7 days of the week, deadly sins/virtues, lucky number
Examples of the Number 12 Archetypes? Product of 3 and 4. 12 Olympian gods, hours in a day, months
Example of Spring Archetype? Rebirth
Example of Summer Archetype? Life
Example of Fall Archetype? Dying
Example of Winter Archetype? Death
Examples of Garden Archetypes? Paradise, innocence, unspoiled beauty
Examples of Tree Archetypes? Life of the cosmos, growth, proliferation, symbol of immortality, phallic symbol
Examples of Desert Archetypes? Spiritual aridity, death, hopelessness
Created by: jaclynroxursox