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The Alamo

First picture of the Alamo? 1849
'Alamo' in spanish Cottonwood tree
Alamo was supposed to be... A mission
Two big weaknesses: The crumbling walls & the size.
Most important weakness during battle: Wooden fence
Most important strength during battle: Cannons
Who was at the Alamo? 250 defenders, people that came to fight from the US, BIG 3, volunteers from Tennessee, Juan Seguin, Tejano soldiers.
Fannin's help: Didn't know whether to send 400 troops. Decided it was better safe than sorry.
Sam Houston & San Felipe de Austin Mexican Army came too quickly, weren't very prepared
First Twelve Days Spent waiting for volunteers, which drifted in very slowly.
The Final Battle March 6, 1886
The Final Battle info Started at 5, lasted 1 hour and a half. 1,800 against 250.
How many died? 200 Texans, 300-600 Mexicans
Survivors Joe, Women and children, Guerero, Juan Seguin, and Susanna Dickinson
Created by: forster_891454