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7TH grade social studies

Militarism strong belief in and worship of the armed forces
Alliance grouping two or more people/countries together in a common cause
Imperialism belief that strong nations should control weaker nations to build an empire
Triple Alliance Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy
Triple Entente Alliance of France, Great Britain, Russia, Italy, and the U.S.
Central Powers Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire
Allied Powers U.S., Italy, France, Russia, and Great Britain
Nationalism the strong belief in/love for ones culture, language, etc.
Spark an event that sets something into motion
Front area of fighting in a war
Eastern Front area of fighting in WWI between Russia and Germany
Western Front are of fighting in WWI between France and Germany
Italian Front when Italy joined the French against countries it had allied with prior to WWI
Neutrality not involved on either side
Trench Warfare fighting from ditches
Stalemate a situation in which no real progress is made by anyone
Casualty one wounded or killed through accident or act of violence
Czar Nicholas II last authoritarian emperor of Russia
Authoritarianism the strong belief government should be run by a single person
Bolshevik Russian communist
Communism the strong belief workers should share, control, and benefit from the wealth of trade and production
Lenin leader of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk agreement that ended Russian involvement in WWI
Blockade to prevent access to an area
U-Boats German submarines (undersea boats)
Unrestricted Submarine warfare German strategy of destroying any/all ships without warning
The Lusitania British passenger ship sunk by German U-boats that led Germany to restrict its submarine warfare to keep the U.S. from entering WWI
Zimmerman telegram coded letter from Germany to Mexico asking it to join WWI against the U.S.
Treaty a type of contract signed by two or more parties to reach agreement
Treaty of Versailles agreement that ended WWI
Wilson's 14-Points U.S. proposals meant to correct the MAIN causes of WWI and bring about lasting world peace
Self-Determination freedom to make one's own decision as an independent nation
Demilitarization removal of all weapons from an area
Conscription forced service in the military, the draft
War-Guilt Cause statement forcing Germany to accept full blame for starting WWI
Reparations payment for damages
League of Nations organization created after WWI that tried, but failed to bring long-lasting peace among nations
Created by: AlannaRamos253