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Ancient Egypt

New Kingdom -time period when Egypt acquired new territory and reached the height of its power
Middle Kingdom -golden age of prosperity, achievement (art, literature, and architecture) and stability in Egypt
Kemet -Egyptian name for the "Black Lands" (fertile area/farmland)
Old Kingdom -the pyramids were constructed during this period of time
Lower Egypt -delta area in northern Egypt -conquered by Menes
Upper Egypt -area located south of the Nile River delta -Menes was king of this region
Khufu -had the Great Pyramid of Giza built for his tomb (the Great pyramid was the tallest building in the world for 4000 years)
pharaoh -believed to be the son of Ra; the sun god -term used to describe the king of Egypt -term meaning "Great House"
Memphis -capital of Egypt during the Old Kingdom -ancient city in Lower Egypt
savannas -grassland south of Egypt
papyrus -a reed plant that grew along the Nile used for making sandals, rafts, baskets, and a paper-like material
cataract -wild rapids formed by boulders and narrow cliffs -natural barrier that protected Egypt's southern border
pyramid -a huge tomb resembling a mountain, built for the pharaoh of Egypt -entrance always faced north
dynasty -a line of rulers from the same family -power usually passes from father to son
Hatshepsut -female pharaoh who concentrated on building up the Egyptian economy -her reign was a time of peace and prosperity
Hyksos -western Asian people who conquered Egypt
Ramses II -greatest of the New Kingdom pharaohs -had many wives and over 100 children -built a monument at Abu Simbel
Thebes -capital of Egypt during the Middle Kingdom
Nile River -the longest river in the world (over 4000 miles) -floods were gentle and dependable -brought fertile soil to farmlands
Menes -also known as Narmer -king of Upper Egypt who conquered Lower Egypt and united the two lands -created the double crown
Amenhotep II -he changed his name to Akhenaton which means "spirit of Aton" -he wanted Egyptians to worship only one god-Aton
Ahmose -the prince who drove the Hyksos out of Egypt -first Pharaoh of the New Kingdom
Re/Ra -the main Egyptian god -the god of the sun
Book of the Dead -a collection of magic spells and prayers that would help a person enter the afterlife
Thutmose III -Hatshepsut's nephew who became pharaoh -he brought Egypt wealth through trade and tribute (gift or payment to show respect or admiration)
Tutankhamen -known as the boy king or King Tut -mostly famous for his tomb, first to be discovered intact and undisturbed (by Howard Carter in 1922)
hieroglyphics -Egyptian picture writing
Meroe -the later capital of Kush that became a trading city and a center for iron making (due to the natural resources available)
Sudan -Kush was located in this area which they knew as Nubia
Napata -early capital of Kush located on a trade route
delta -a triangular, marshy area of land near the mouth (end) of a river
embalming -the process used to prevent a dead body from decomposing
mummification -the Egyptian form of embalming -the embalmed body is wrapped in strips of linen creating a "mummy"
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