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S.S. lesson 3

Vocabulary for Social Studies

Boom Boom means economic growth spurt
Refinery A factory that makes metal, fuel, and other material
Prospector A person searching for gold, silver, or other mineral resources
Bust Fast economic decline
Long Drive Taking cattle 10 million miles north to the railroads
Homesteader People who claimed homesteads
Open Range Free grazing site/area
Reservation An area of land designated to native americans
Free Enterprise A business with little or no government control
Transcontinental Railroad A railroad going around the continent
Entrepreneur a person that sets up their own business
Petroleum Another word for oil
Capital Money needed to set up or improve a business
Human resource Workers any ideas and skills the bring there jobs
New Immigration Immigrants coming from north or south Europe
Old Immigrants Immigrants coming from west Europe
Advertisement A public announcement that tells people about a product or opportunity
Tenement A poorly built apartment building
Prejudice An unfair feeling of dislike or hate because of their background, race, or religion
Regulation Controls
Created by: raphael.a.wong