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9th grade PE Exam

how many yards across from one side to the other of the pool? the way we swam 25 yards
what are the 5 too's of swimming Too tired, Too cold, too much sun, too far from safety, too much strenuous activity
how many players in handball on each team? 7
how many steps can you take in handball with the ball 5
how many seconds can u hold the ball in handball 3
when was flag football created? why was it created? US military during world war II, prevent injuries
birthplace of flag football fort meade, maryland
who has won the superbowl the most number of times? pittsburgh steelers, 6
what is the line of scrimmage flag football yard line where last play was downed
how many plays does each team have to get a 1st down? 4
what is a handoff Quarter back passes ball to running back
what is the shotgun offense in football? play where quarterback stands further back
lateral pass in football where ball thrown behind player or to the side
shovel pass football short underhand pass
button hook (curl) in football pattern run by receiver in football
center position in football offensive position, hikes ball to qb at beginning of play, blocks opposite team
quarterback in football responsible for calling the play + making decisions
backs in football players who stand behind offensive line
wide receiver in football catches passes from quarterback
what is the basic rhythm of fox trot? slow slow quick quick
what are the parts of the fox trot? 2 travels, 2 quarter turns, 2 travels, 2 opens, 2 travels, 2 single twirl
what are the parts of the swing? closed position, single twirl, open position, pass grapevine, barrel roll
Cha cha parts Closed position, open position, cross over, cross over pivot turn, chase, step slide kick
boys always start with ______ foot forward and girls start with _____ foot back left, right
Tango orginated in... beunos aires argentina
tango parts.. 2 Travels, 2 ΒΌ turns, 2 travels, 2 single twirl, 2 travels, 2 opens, 2 travels, 2 double twirls, 2 travels, 2 crossovers (shoulder to shoulder), 2 travels, open separate, 2 travels, open dip kick, cross front, cross back, twirl left and dip
chacha orginiated in Cuba
who created floor hockey? tom harter
what 2 sports does floor hockey combine? ice hockey and basketball
how many players in hockey on each team 5-6
what are the positions in hockey? 1 goalie, 2 defense, 2 offense, 1 roamer(if 6 players)
After 2 high sticking warnings players have to... walk 3 penalty laps
is badminton an olympic sport? yes
which lines in badminton for doubles and which for singles? D: short and fat S: tall and skinny
matches in badminton consist of how many games? 3
what is rally scoring? point scored on every play (so either team can score not just the one serving)
what is a clear shot in badminton? shot goes from one end of court to the other
what is a drop shot badminton? fast shot hit form your rear court into opponents fore court
what is a smash shot badminton shot that drives shuttlecock down into opponents court
what is a drive shot in badminton shot that cross net horizontally (not very high) used when shot comes at you between shoulder and knee height
WHERE WAS frisbee invented columbia high school
where do the teams start in frisbee? lined up at respective end zones
how much time do u have to throw the frisbee? 10 sec
what is a pull the way the game starts, the defending team throws it as far as they can down field then other team picks it up and starts passing
Created by: mhaq.16
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