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Foy Ch. 13 Test

The production of this crop was very slow because the leaves had to be cured and dried. tobacco
One goal of this field was to increase crop production. scientific agriculture
This was the region that grew most of the country’s cotton. South
Supervisors, known as this, made sure slaves followed orders. drivers
Southern society was centered around this. agriculture
Growing and processing this crop was very difficult. cotton
After the American Revolution, this happened to prices for major Southern crops. fell
The growing demand for slaves led to an increase in this. U.S. slave trade
The South’s other successful food crops included rice, sweet potatoes, wheat, and this crop. sugar cane
These events decided whether families would be kept together or separated. slave auctions
By 1860 more than half of all free African Americans lived in this region. South
Led by a slave from Virginia, the most violent slave revolt in the United States occurred in 1831 and is known as this. Nat Turner's Rebellion
The majority of slaves worked in this part of the plantations. fields
Slaves working inside this area of the plantation had better food and clothing than those in the fields. planter's home
You own 100 acres of farmland. You have two slaves that help around the farm, but you can’t afford to buy more than that. You and your family work alongside your slaves in the fields. What is the term that describes you? yeomen
Joseph R. Anderson became the owner of this business, one of the few examples of industrial growth in the South by 1848. Tredegar Iron Works
By passing down this, and African customs, enslaved parents made sure that their children would never forget their heritage. family histories
At these places, slaves sometimes worked as skilled laborers, such as blacksmiths or carpenters. larger plantations
The most important part of slave communities was this. family
You have a very large cotton plantation, with over 100 slaves. You are in the highest level of society. What is the tern that describes you? planters
Wealthy white southerners used this to explain why they had the right to practice slavery. religion
In the early 1800s, this ratio of the white southern families owned slaves. one-third
This man invented the cotton gin. Eli Whitney
This system in the South produced harsh living conditions. slave
Slave holders looked at slaves as this, not as people. property
Who did much of the work in southern cities? slaves
What did poor whites do to survive? They hunted, fished, and had small gardens.
What class made up the wealthiest members of Southern society? planters
What did many Southern governments do to limit the rights of free African Americans? They passed restrictive laws.
What types of jobs did free African Americans have on farms? They worked as paid laborers.
Created by: lfoy8290