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Chapter 18

America Claims an Empire

Queen Liliuokalani realized that her reign in Hawaii had come to an end when More Us sailors and marines aided Haoles who planned to overthrow the Hawaiian Monarchy
What is haoes White Foreigners
Imperialism The policy of extending a nation's authority over other countries by economic, political, or military means.
Alfred T. Mahan Urged gov. to build up American Naval power in order to compete with other powerful nations.
William Seward Early supporter of American Expansion, Secretary of state under presidents Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson. Bought Alaska; had plenty of tinber, minerals, oil.
Pearl Harbor naval base in hawaii refulling station
Sanford B. Dole When Queen was overthrown he headed new gov and when Pres. Cleveland ordered for queen to regain power he refused, Cleveland formally recognized the Republic of Hawaii but refused to consider annexation unless a majority of Hawaiians favored it.
Who went to Cuba as a 'New York World' reporter to cover the 2nd Cuban war for independence from Spain and gave descriptions that aroused sympathy for Cubans? James Creelman
In 1854, people recommended President _______ ______ to buy Cuba from the U.S. Franklin Pierce
Who was Jose Marti? Cuban poet and journalist in New York
Jose Marti launched what against Spain in 1895? revolution
Marti organized Cuban resistance against Spain using an active _______ ________ and deliberately destroying ________, especially American-owned sugar plantations to provoke the U.S. to ________? guerrilla campaign property intervene
"Cuba Libre" is similar to "Give me liberty or give me death!" said by who? Patrick Henry
Spain sent who to Cuba to restore order in 1896? General Valeriano Weyler
"Butcher" Weyler tried to crush the rebellion pushing the rural population of central and western cuba into barbed-wire ____________ _____. concentration camps
William Randolph Hearst owned which newspaper? New York Journal
Joseph Pulitzer owned which newspaper? New York World
What style of writing, that exaggerates the news to lure and enrage readers, is know as what? yellow journalism
Hearst sent who to sketch a reporter's stories in Cuba? Frederic Remington
Who the heck is Enrique Dupuy de Lome Spanish minister to the U.S. that criticized McKinley.
The 1st battle of the war took place where? (U.S. Victory) The Philippine islands
Who gave the command to open fire on the Spanish Fleet at Manila, the Philippine capital? George Dewey
Who sealed up the spanish fleet in the harbor of Santiago de Cuba? William T. Sampson
The Rough Riders were what? volunteer cavalry under the command of Theodore Roosevelt
The Treaty of Paris was a cease-fire agreement between the __ and _____. Us and spain
What freed Cuba and turned over Guam, Puerto Rico,sold Philippines to U.S., and West indies to U.S.? Treaty of paris
Platt Amendment 1. no treaties that cede/limit constitution 2. US reserves right to intervene 3. Cuba could not go into debt 4. US could buy or lease land for naval bases -cuba becomes US PROTECTORATE
Boxer Rebellion Anti-imperialist, anti-foreigner chinese group kills missionaries and businessmen
Foraker Act 1900 law that ended US military occupation & gave Puerto Rico limited right to rule over its own affairs
protectorate a country who is at least partially controlled by a stronger country
Emilio Aguinaldo Filipino who led both the Philippine Revolution against Spain and then the Insurrection against the United States
John Hay TR's secretary of State who wrote the Open Door notes that gave the US and Europe colonial power in China
Open Door notes messages sent by Secretary of State John Hay in 1899 to Germany, Russia, Britain, France, Italy, and Japan, asking the countries not to interfere with US trading rights in China; made China effectively a colony of all those nations
Panama Canal waterway cut through Central America to provide a shortcut between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, opened in 1914; TR took aggressive action to control the region in 1903
Roosevelt Corollary 1904 extension of the Monroe Doctrine under which the US claimed the right to protect its economic interests by military intervention ("police power") throughout the Western Hemisphere
dollar diplomacy US policy of using the nation's economic power to exert influence over other countries (esp. under Taft)
Francisco "Pancho" Villa Mexican Revolution leader who led several attacks on Americans after Wilson openly supported his opponent (President Carranza); US General Pershing attempted to capture him by leading forces into Mexico in 1917
Emiliano Zapata Mexican Revolution leader who sought land reform
John J. Pershing US general sent by Wilson to capture "Pancho" Villa and later the leader of US troops in Europe during WWI
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