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What are the prominent forces of strategic advantage? Cost leadership, differentiation, speed, market focus
cost leadership-Mention 2 skills and resources and 2 organizational requierements intense labor supervision, products easy to manufacture, tight cost control, frequent and details control reports
2 advantages of cost leadership makes substitutes less attractive, push away competition because they cant compete with prices
2 disadvantages of cost leadership key cost saving activities can be easly immitated, it can become a trap in which org. only focus on price and set apart consumer needs
differentiation-Mention 2 skills and resources and 2 organizational requierements creativity talent and flair,strong marketing amenities to attract skilled labor, closeness to key customers
2 advantages differentiation buyers are less sensitive to prices on well differentiated products, rivalry is reduce in a successful differentiated product
2 disadvantages differentiation model easy to imitated, the difference between the prices of low cost leadership products may be to much to keep customer loyalty
what does speed consist of manufacturing existing products quicker, developing new products quick
speed--Mention 2 skills and resources and 2 organizational requierements flexible in manufacturing, good logistics, strong coordination between companies functional areas, strong delegation on operational personel
2 advantages speed being the first in the market and created customer loyalty, charge more because you are the only
what does it consist an advantage in a market focus any of the 3 last strategies target into a market niche
risks-market niche can to major competitors the segment
Which are the 5 industry environments? emerging industries, industries transitioning to maturity, mature and declining industries, fragmented industries, global industries
mention 2 characteristics of emerging industries technological uncertainty, few entry barriers
mention 2 characteristics of industries transitioning to maturity intense competition to market share, emphasis on cost and service
mention 2 characteristics of mature and declining industries demands grow more slowly than the economy, slow growth is caused by tech. substitution, demographic shifts
mention 2 characteristics of fragmented industries no firm has significant market share, no firm can significantly influence the industry
global industries difference in buyers across industries, difference in competitors across countries
What are the two type of grand strategy axis? draw each of them grand strategy selection matrix, model of grand strategy clusters?
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