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Chp 5 - Soc Studies

Social Studies

One result of Henry Hudson's voyages to North America Trade between Dutch and Native Americans
What is the name of the most powerful navy in the 1500s? Spanish Armada
One example of colonial self-government. House of Burgesses
Name of the Pilgrims' colony Plymouth
What did merchants hope to gain from their investment? profits (money)
He made the colonists in Jamestown "work to get food". John Smith
The first Africans in Jamestown were not slaves but…….. indentured servants
Name of the water route to Asia around North America Northwest Passage
Crops which are grown to sell and make money Cash crop
To carry your boat across land from one body of water to another portage
Cabot, Verrazano, and Hudson were all looking for this… water route to Asia (NW Passage)
This helped Jamestown grow families moved there
Why did Pilgrims leave England? to worship their religion in peace
What did Wampanoag do for the Pilgrims? helped them survive
What encouraged England to start colonies in N. America Defeat of Spanish Armada
He was a soldier and close advisor to Queen Elizabeth and encourage colonies… Sir Walter Raleigh
Colonists who signed the Mayflower Compact agree to do this… make and obey fair laws
Governor/leader of Roanoke colony John White
Explorer sent by Dutch East India Company to find NW Passage Henry Hudson
Chief / leader of Native Americans around Chesapeake Bay. Chief Powhatan
What killed many of the Jamestown Colonists? Diseases from Mosquitoes
Besides disease, what danger faced colonists at Jamestown? famine, starvation
fleet of ships armada
Pilgrims wrote and signed this agreement to say they would obey the colony's "just and equal laws" Mayflower Compact
They paid for Henry Hudson's expedition to find the Northwest Passage Dutch East India Company
Pawtuxet who taught the Pilgrims how to grow crops and helped them survive Squanto
Founded Quebec, the first permanent French settlement in North America Samuel Champlain
Name of 1st successful English colony in North America Jamestown
Whose idea was it to grow tobacco as a cash crop? John Rolfe
Native American leader or holy man sachem
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