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People of the New So

People of the New South, Georgia Studies

Alonzo Herndon Former slave who started the Atlanta Life Insurance Co. in the Auburn Avenue area of Atlanta. His company was worth millions upon his death.
Morris Rich Started the Rich’s Department store in Atlanta. This became a symbol of Atlanta.
Gustavas J. Orr In 1872, he was appointed as the school commissioner. He built a permanent system of public education in Georgia. Known as the “Father of the Common school system.
Joel Chandler Harris Creator of the fictional storyteller “Uncle Remus” These stories were based on African Folklore brought to America by slaves. Also wrote for the Atlanta Journal Constitution & knew Henry Grady
John Pemberton Discovered a headache remedy – called it Coca-Cola. Remedy was sold in drug stores to cure a headache. Later becomes the Coca-Cola CO.
Martha Berry Began a school near Rome, GA allowing underprivileged children to work for an education. Berry College, founded in 1926, follows the same tradition today.
Dr. John Hope President of Morehouse College and later Atlanta University.
Henry Grady One of the most important New South figures. Was the editor of the Atlanta Journal Constitution Traveled to the North to urge them to invest in the South.
Booker T. Washington Established Tuskegee Institute Stressed technical training and agriculture Told blacks to accept social segregation, learn a skill, eventually equality would come.
W.E.B. Dubois First African American to earn a PHD from Harvard. Niagara movement- 1st national effort to end Jim Crow laws. Co-founded the NAACP, which worked for racial equality.
Leo Frank Jewish factory owner is tried for the murder of a 14 year old girl. Convicted although evidence was circumstantial Convicted to hang, but sentence was reduced to life. Mob lynched him.
Rebecca Latimer Felton First Female Senator - Senator Tom Watson Died and Gov. Hardwick appointed Felton to take his seat temporarily. She only served two days.
Lugenia Burns Hope Started the Neighborhood Union, YWCA, and other organizations which helped improve lives of black Georgians. Also worked with the NAACP
Juliette Gordon Lowe Started the Girl Scouts of American in Savannah in 1912.
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