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Family Roles Vocab


impact effect on a situation, thing, or person.
Make ends meet to have enough money to pay for the thing you need.
Maternity Leave a period of time when a woman temporarily leaves her job to have a baby.
Stumble across to discover something or to meet someone by chance.
nanny a woman whose job is to take care of a particular family's children.
Childminder a person, usually a woman, whose job is to take care of other people's children in her own home a registered childminder
Disobedient refusing to do what someone in authority tells you to do.
Distracted lack of concentration.
Contagion The communication of disease from one person or organism to another by close contact.
Banish To force to leave a country or place by official decree
nursery a place where young children and babies are taken care of while their parents are at work
daycare care or education provided during the day, especially for young children or old people
flow over into to move over someone or something into
Created by: pisith.mao