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4th Grade TX History

Chapter 6

Santa Anna surrounded the Alamo in a ____ in order to force the Texans to surrender. seige
After winning independence, Texans elected a ___, or group of elected representatives. congress
Texans built a tall ___ near San Jacinto to remind them of the battle that took place there. monument
Texans were not allowed to ___ or make requests of the government. petition
Santa Anna agreed to sign a ___, a formal agreement, between Mexico and Texas. treaty
After the war, President Houston planned ways Texas would repay the ___ it owed to others, who had supplied money during the war. debt
Erastus "Deaf" Smith taught ___ to ride ahead and gather clues about the enemy. scouts
The citizens of Texas formed a ___, a type of government in which people choose leaders to represent them. republic
The Texas Constitution contained a ____ that guaranteed freedom of speech and religion for all Texans. Bill of Rights
Money paide to the government in exchange for services to citizens is a ___. tax
Led a troop of 17 volunteers from Tennessee to fight at the Alamo Davy Crockett
Led the Texans at the Alamo after James Bowie became ill William Travis
Was a young boy whose life was spared by Santa Anna after the Battle of the Alamo Enrique Esparza
Mexican general who attacked the Alamo Santa Anna
the leader of the Mexican soldiers who surrendered to Texans in San Antonio General Cos
was sent to tell Sam Houston of the Mexican victory at the Alamo Susanna Dickenson
decided to return his troops to Goliad because one of his wagons broke down James Fannin
would not cross the line that Travis drew Moses Rose
was famous fro using the knife named after him; helped train Texas soldiers James Bowie
was the last Texan to enter the gates of the Alamo in March 1836 James Bonham
When settlers fled eastward because they were afraid of Santa Anna Runaway Scrape
Fannin's troops were forced to surrender to the Mexican army led by General Urrea
The Texans other battle cry (besides Remember the Alamo!) Remember Goliad!
Houston asked "Deaf" Smith to teach men how to ride ahead and gather clues about the enemy
Hendrick Arnold got information from the Mexicans by pretending to be a ___ runaway slave
Citizens of Cincinnati sent Houston two ___. cannons
The Texans named the cannons sent by Cincinnati the ______. Twin Sisters
Houston led his men to meet the Mexican soldiers, who were camped near Harrisburg along the ___. San Jacinto River
The ____ was the formal agreement that ended the fighting between the Mexican and Texas armies. Treaty of Velasco
The Republic of Texas soon elected a __ to make laws. Congress
The new nation of Texas also collected ___ from its citizens. taxes
In 1836 the leaders of Texas chose ___ as the new capitol. Columbia
Texans later moved the capitol to Houston, then to a village called Waterloo, which was renamed ___. Austin
Texans wanted to discuss their beliefs, so they met at ___. San Felipe
Texans had won two battles against the Mexicans, so they believed they could defeat ___'s army. Santa Anna
Santa Anna taxed goods bought from the U.S., so Texans got angry and asked him to pay attention to ___. the Mexican Constitution of 1824.
Texas needed its own plan of government so the leaders decided to write a ___. constitution
Santa Anna sent troops to ___ so the people of the town got ready to defend themselves. Gonzales
Austin wanted his troops to be safe near ___, so he sent a group of 90 soldiers ahead to look for a place to camp. San Antonio
Santa Anna wanted Texans to trade more with Mexico, so he placed taxes on good bought from the ___. United States
Santa Anna wanted more control and sent troops into Texas, so Texans knew that they must fight him to gain their ___. independence
Created by: mzladybug
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