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s.s ch4

social studies chapter 4

a 1639 plan of government in the portian colony in connecticut fundamental orders of connecticut
owner of a large estate in a dutch colony patroon
colony under the direct control of english crown royal colony
proestant reformers who believe in the queality of all perople quakers
crop sold for money at market cash crops
a 1649 maryland law that provided religious freedom for all christians act of toleration
a 1676 raid led by nathaniel bacon against bacon the governor and natives in virginia bacons's rebellion
person who cannot pay money he or she owes debtor
law that controlled the lifes of ensalved african americans and denied them basic roights slave codes
belief that one race is superior to another racism
theory that a nations economic strenght come from keeping a strict control over its colonial trade merchantilism
trade product sent to markets outside a country imports
regulated trade between england and its colonie navigation acts
colonial trade route between new england, the west indies, and africa triangulr trade
highest social class in the 13 english coloines gentry
in the 13 english colonies a class that included skill craft workers, farmers, and sene trades people middle class
worked with out wages for four to seven years indentured servants
religious mevement in the english colonies in the early 1700s great awakening
person who learned a trade or a craft from a master apprentice
an area afected by tides tidewater
Sparsely inhabited rural areas; wilderness back counrty
passage of slave ships middle passage
middle colonies where called the bread basket
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