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Goal Two

Erie Canal Linked the Great Lakes with NY City
Hudson River School of Art Landscape Paintings of American Places
Eli Whitney Invented the Cotton Gin
Cotton gin Increased the need for slave labor in the South
Samuel Morse Telegraph
Cyrus MsCormick Mechanical Reaper
John Deere steel plow
Elias Howe sewing machine
Robert Fulton steamboat
Adams-Onis Treaty Florida
Henry Clay's plan to help the economy American System
Kept a balance of slave states and free states Missouri Compromise
No more European colonies in the Americas Monroe Doctrine
McCulloch v Maryland Upheld National Bank
slavery and the tariff Sectional issues
Jackson's Indian policy Removal
Second Great Awakening Reform Movements
Hudson River School American landscapes
Transcendentalism Nature, Self-Reliance
Abolition End Slavery
William Lloyd Garrison The Liberator
Temperance Movement/Prohibition Ban alcohol
Seneca Falls Women's Rights
Manifest Destiny God given right to expand to Pacific Ocean
US acquired Texas Annexation
54-40' or fight Oregon Territory
Cause of the Mexican War Manifest Destiny
Wilmot Proviso No slavery in the Mexican Cessian
Ended the Mexican War Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Completed the lower 48 states Gadsden purchase
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