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USH Final Exam

GI Bill gave education to veterans, gave federal loan guarantees to vets buying loans
Operation Overlord invasion of France
Yalta Conference last meeting of Churchill Stalin FDR
16th Amendment income tax
17th Amendment direct election of senators
John Rockefeller oil industry
JP Morgan banking industry
Andrew Carnegie steel industry
William Vanderbilt railroad industry
William Randolph Hearst newspaper, exaggerated
Spirit of St. Louis Charles Lindberg's plane
Kellogg-Briand Pact outlawed war but no way to enforce it
Palmer Raids govt trying to find radicals during Red Scare
FDIC insurance for bank accounts up to $5000
TVA made dams, jobs, hydroelectric power
Federal Securities Act made sure stock info was correct
CWA/PWA govt provided money to make jobs
NIRA set working hours and prices
Social Security old age insurance, unemployment compensation system
Isolationism America during WWII, disconnected from foreign countries
Iwo Jima brought Japan into easy air range of our bombs
Midway AF, 3-4 US Carriers, we knew the Japanese code
The Jungle book written about meat packing companies
Muckrakers writers who wrote about bad working conditions
The Grange farmers, main enemy: railroads
Plessy v. Fergusen it's okay to have "seperate but equal"
Gilded Age USA 1875-1900, good on outside bad on inside
Square Deal Teddy Roosevelt program
Margin Buying paying small amount for down payment and borrowing the rest
Bull/Bear Market stocks rise/fall
New Deal FDR's plan to end Great Depression
Created by: mgoeser