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study for End of Coarse exam

communism the government establishes who gets what everyone equal
red scare people feared each other being communists, turned on each other
Sacco and Vanzetti 2 Italian immigrants who were accused of murder because they were communists
isolationism United States stays out of foreign wars and affairs
prohibition 18th amendment making the sale of alcohol illegal from 1927 to 1932
speak easies illegal dance and bars in basements of cities where flappers and gangsters hung out
flappers women who had no marriage and lots of freedoms, wore short skirts, and drank alcohol
gangsters Italian, Jewish, and Irish lowlifes who used the sale of illegal alcohol to benefit financially and politically
Harlem Renaissance African Americans cultural explosion that includes jazz, poetry, writing, novels, etc.
Booker T Washington ex slave who calls for individuals to learn useful agricultural skills; found the Tuskesee Institute
Marcus Garvey calls for all African Americans to go back to Africa; creates a company which shipped African Americans to Nigeria
WEB Dubois Harvard educated the 1st African American to get a doctorate at Harvard; calls for all African Americans to get lined arts defines 'college', then prove equillity incorporate
19th amendment women gets the right to vote
NAACP National Association for Advancement of Colored People; African Americans figure out WEB Dubois tight for equality of all racists
KKK an organization that lynched and attacked African Americans
Rosewood entying African American town in Florida burned to the ground
nativism push to stop immigration and keep the United States white
quota system only 2% of the population from a foreign country could enter the United States
Created by: Tyl3r10959