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h final semester 1

history final semester #1

written and other recorded events of people history
scientists who examine objects to learn of the past archaeologists
study of earth's surface and the process to shape it geography
tame and raise animals for human use domesticate
person who moves around a lot nomad
complex society civilization
using walls, waterways, and ditches to bring water to crops irrigation
skilled workers who made metal products, cloth, and pottery artisans
one of the oldest communities Jericho
what did SUmerians use as building material mud bricks
what happened to the population of towns when people changed from hunter/gatherers to farmers they began to settle towns/it increased
three inventions of the Sumerians wagon wheel, writing, sailboat
what are weapons, tools, and other things made by humans artifacts
what was the importance of civilizations being built around river valleys fresh water/good farming conditions
what did rivers allow for trade
what does Mesopotamia mean land between the rivers
what is another names for Menes and what did he unite Narmer/upper and lower Egypt
what are tributes forced payments
capital of Kush Napata
chief Egyptian god Re
who founded a dynasty that ruled both Egypt and Kush Piye
goddess of the Nile Hapi
used in papermaking papyrus
believed to be the son of Re, the sun god the pharaoh
tallest building in the world for over 4000 years Great Pyramid
ruled the underworld with her husband Osiris Isis
entrance always faced north pyramid
grasslands south of Egypt savannas
who was the goddess of wisdom and crafts Athena
who was the goddess of the underworld Hades
who is the goddess of hunt and wild animals
written language developed by the Aryans sanskrit
means Enlightened One buddha
means divine law Dharma
highest mountains in the world himalayas
the head of the Chinese family oldest male
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