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Merican History Chapter 16

government that exerts complete control over its citizens totalarism
italy's powerful dictator; founder of facism; known as allduce Benito Mussolini
a government form that places the government above all facism
had been a jobless soldier; He joined the Nazi Party; racist against jews Adolf Hitler
german brand of facism; based on extreme nationallism Nazisim
his group of army officers led by him rebelled against the Spanish Republic General Fransisco Franco
a series of laws enacted in 1935-1936 to prevent US arms sales Nuetrality Act
Der Fiher is this mans nickname which means "The Leader" Adolf Hitler
the deliberate extermination of particular racial or religous groups genocide
government that exerts the complete control over all citizens totalarianism
"lightning war" a sudden massive attack with combined air and ground forces intended to acheive a quick victory blitzkreig
an agreement in whick two nations promise not to go to war with eachother nonagressional pact
german submarine u-boat
government that stressed nationalism and placed the interest of the state above the individuals fascism
the granting of concessions to a hostile power in order to keep the peace appeasement
a form of alliance that was developed between nazi germany and the Italians rome-berlin axis
forced labor camps concentration camps
the german air force luftwaffe
the third element of nazi expansion, meaning living space Le Bensrum
the battle that was fought between great britain and Germany, where the Nazi's bombed the city of London Battle of Britain
a french general charles de gaulle
germany, italy, and Japan signed a mutal defense treaty Axis Power
_____was used in WWII and because of this Hitler called off the invasion Britain radar
german submarines were also known as wolf packs
the US entered WWII and it helped the _____ great depression
WWI helped set up the stage for WWII because paying It's WWI debts crushed_______'s economy germany
germany seized more land after signing the munic agreement which was against__________ appeasment Churchills
Jews were persecutes in Nazi Germany because they were blamed as the cause od Germany's ______ problems
ethnically segregated ares or neighborhoods ghetto
Adolf wrote this book in prison outlining the Nazi ideology MeinKampf
the systematic murder of 11 million/ half were Jews Holocaust
the killing of 6 million Jews Holocaust
Nazi troops attack Jewish places in November Night of Broken Glass
the ridding of Jews by Hitler also a code name to describe Nazi's plan to exterminate all Jews....an end to... Final Solution
known as the Nazi Master Race aryans
Dec. 7, 1941 Japanese surprise attack...japan attacked because it was an obstacle to Japans plan of expansion Pearl Harbor
Japanese Army chief of staff during WWII Tojo
alleys joint declaration of war aims and goals atlantic charter
russian leader of the Soviet Union. "Man of Steel" developed several 5-year plans John Stalin
third german Empire theird reich
who are the Black Shirts? Mussolini's Fascist malitia
who is Il Duce Italian for leader=Mussolini
Mussolini promised employement and social security and an end to riots and strikes which he called.....? The Glory that is Rome
Mussolini was supported by..... Industrialists, landowners, and the Church
John stalin was a c________? comunist
the National Socialist German Workers Party the Nazi Party
Hitler believed... extreme nationalistic and anti-communist
Nazi militia, intimidated voters storm troopers
Fuher leader
what did Hitler want? unification of German speaking peoples
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