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1. enterpuner people who invest there money to make money
2. protective tariff taxes that make imported goods cost more than goods made localy
3. laissez-faire allowed companys to work under less gov. standers
4. patent the right givin to an inventor or developer to sell his inention
5. bessemer process the purification of iron
6. suspension bridges bridges in which suspensions are held up by steel cabels
7. time zones sections of the globe that were seperated into 24 diffrent hours
8. mass production making a large ammount of one product to satisfy the needs of consumeres
9. monoply bord game.(: a company or that has complet controll of any product
10. corporation people who first ivested into opening a company
11. cartel a loop whole to monoply
12. horizontal integration giant compony with low producton cost
13. trust companies combining together and splitting profit
14. vertical intergration reduce price and charge higher prices to competitors
15. social drawnism the human word for natural selection
16. interstat commerce commision(icc) first federal body to make expections
17. sherman anti trust act closed the trust loop hole :D
18. sweat shop factories that have very poor working conditions and low pay towns companies made towns for the workers to keep close to their working areas at the low price of your soul
20. socialisim a belief that a nation distribute the nations wealth through out the nation and not just to certin people
21. knights of labor a labor union
22. american federation of labor (AFL) a labor union that aimed at helping workers in need
23. haymarket riot knights of labor formed a riot
24. homestead strike a strike against the mineres employers who kindly took there souls
25. pullman strike nation wide strike against rail road companies
26.collective bargin a group of workers that negotiated with there employers to gain raises
Created by: edguerra21
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