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OC CH 6 Test Review

OC CH 6 Test Review - Launching the Nation

What did most Americans (farmers) want from the new U.S. government? fair tax laws, no interference in daily life, help settlement in western lands
What did George Washington mean when he said he wanted to "establish a precedent" with the new govt.? They would set an example for the future
What is one thing that Hamilton and Jefferson agreed on? moving the U.S. capital to Washington, D.C.
What is the "national debt"? amount of money owed by the govt. to other countries and the states
What was Hamilton's economic plan? pay down the debt; protective tariff (tax on imports) to encourage purchase of domestic goods (products made in USA); repay full value of bonds
What was Hamilton's interpretation of the Constitution? (loose or strict?) loose construction: The govt. should be able to take reasonable action to do what is necessary for the country as long as the Constitution doesn't forbid it
What did Jefferson and Madison say about Hamilton's plan for a national bank? the federal govt. didn't have the authority to create a national bank; it was unconstitutional
Why was it important for the new United States to have a national bank? to secure the national economy
What is a "protective tariff"? a tax on imports, so people will want to buy domestic products made in the U.S.A.
Where did Hamilton want to move the U.S. capital? SOUTH to Washington, D.C.
What group in society did Jefferson believe was the major part of the U.S. economy? farmers
Who believed that the strength of the U.S. economy was agriculture and domestic goods produced in the U.S.? Jefferson
What was the Neutrality Proclamation? Washington's statement the U.S. would not take side between warring European countries
why did some members of Congress criticize the Neutrality Proclamation? They felt Washington should have consulted Congress before making the decision
Why did Jefferson want to support France in its war against Britain? He wanted to repay France for its help against the British in the Revolutionary War
What treaty made it easier for the U.S. to settle in the western territories? Treaty of Greeenville
How did Washington feel about Jay's Treaty? He didn't like it but felt it was the best that could be done at the time
What 2 countries signed Pinckney's Treaty? U.S. and Spain
Why did the U.S. sign a treaty with American Indians in the Northwest Territories? to make it easier for the U.S. to settle in western lands
How did the Whiskey Rebellion end? most of the rebel fled before Washington's troops arrived
What were the main reasons for the Whiskey Rebellion? farmers were angry about the tax on whiskey; farmers grew corn, which was used to make whiskey; farmers wanted more opportunities for trade
Why did Washington personally lead troops against the Whiskey Rebellion? he felt people needed to understand the U.S. had the right to pass taxes
What dangers did Washington warn the U.S. about in his farewell address? making foreign alliances; the national debt; and political parties
What kind of government did Federalists want? strong central govt.
How was the presidential election of 1796 different from the first election? there was more than one person running
What were the first 2 political parties in the U.S.? Democratic-Republicans and Federalists
Who became vice president in the 1796 election? Jefferson
What did the Federalist Party want to limit? the power of the state governments
What freedoms did the Alien and Sedition Acts limit? freedom of speeech, the press, and expression
Why did the Federalists pass the Alien and Sedition Acts? to keep Democratic-Republicans from criticizing Federalists
What did Democratic-Republicans say about the Alien and Sedition Acts? they gave too much power to the national govt., and took away power from the state govts.
What was the XYZ Affair? an incident in which 3 French agents tried to bribe the U.S. govt.
What was Adams's opinion of going to war with France? he refused to declare war
What were the results of the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions? the Alien and Sedition Acts were declared unconstitutional; states tried to used their power against the federal govt.; politicians could questions the constitutionality of federal laws
What 2 leaders proposed the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions? Jefferson and Madison
Why were the Kentucky and Virginia Resolution passed? they felt the federal govt. had gone too far with the Alien and Sedition Acts, and the states should have the right to ignore unconstitutional laws passed by the federal govt.
What does "loose construction" of the Constitution mean? the idea that the federal govt. can take reasonable actions in special cases, as long as the action isn't specifically forbidden by the Constitution
Why did Washington and the first Congess pass the Judiciary Act of 1789? to help the U.S. be successful by establishing the judicial branch of govt.
What is the "electoral college"? a body of delegates from each state that casts the deciding votes for president
What did Abigail Adams and Judith Sargent Murray believe about the role of women in govt.? women should play a more important role in the new nation than Martha Washington did
How did American farmers feel about the federal govt.? they didn't want govt. interfering in their daily lives
What was Washington's view about U.S. foreign policy? the U.S. should remain neutral, and not form attachments with other countries
What did Washington say was the most important thing for the success of the nation? political unity - no political parties
Which leader had a "loose interpreation" of the Constitution? Hamilton
Created by: enid.robert
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