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NWHSU Mash GA2Q1 Anatomy Eye Ear

Triangular space at the medial angle of eye where tears collect Lacrimal lake
Complete the following concerning the FLOW of aqueous humor in the eye: _____---> posterior chamber-->pupil--->anterior chamber-->_____->scleral venous sinus Ciliary body, trabeculae
Small opening into superior and inferior lacrimal canaliculi Superior and inferior lacrimal puncta
_______ minute small cavities at junction of iris and cornea drains aqueous humor from the anterior chamber of the eye Trabeculae
Small reddish conical body of skin containing sebaceous and sweat glands; produces a whitish secretion Lacrimal caruncula
Chamber between the iris and lens Posterior
Besides the lateral rectus m. which can abduct the eye? Superior oblique, inferior oblique
Name the adductor muscles of the eye Medial, superior, and inferior rectus mm.
Name the abductors of the eye Superior and inferior obliques, Lateral rectus
Name the branch of CN7 passing through the middle ear just medial to the malleus; the nerve conducts taste from the anterior 2/3rd of tongue and some autonomics to the salivary glands Chorda tympani n.
Specifically, where are the maculae located? Walls of the utricle and saccula
Chamber of cochlea into which round windows opens Scala tympani
Fluid found in the membranous labyrinth Endolymph
The triangular cochlear duct is separated from the scala vestibule by the _________, and separated from the scala tympani by the _______ Vestibular membrane, Basilar membrane
The ________ (ossicle) fits into the _______window Stapes, Oval
______outer rim of the auricle Helix
Dorsal projection of the external ear, located anterior to concha and over the orifice of the external acoustic meatus Tragus
Hypaxial musles are __________ (pre, post axial) in position to the _______ axis Pre axial, vertebral column
Name given to the two small openings into the superior and inferior lacrimal canaliculi Puncta
Suspensory ligaments travel from the lens to the Ciliary body or muscle
Name the receptors for static equilibrium Macula
Portion of osseous labyrinth into which oval window opens Vestibule
Created by: AnatomyMash