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A-History Ch.10

5th Grade history Ch. 10

peninsula where Greece is located Balkan Peninsula
first settlers of Greece; lived on the island of Crete Minoaons
first settlers of Greece;lived on the mainland of Greece Mycenaeans
what did the Greeks add to the Phoenician alphabet vowels
Greek example of a bard Homer
two poems composed by Homer Illiad and Odyssey
what is a bard singing poet
famous writer of fables Aesop
Greek philosopher known for important rules of mathematics; pythagorean theorem Pythagoras
Greek philosopher known for atomic theory Democritus
group of philosophers that argued that something is true only if someone believes it Sophists
Greek philosspher concerned with doing what was right and good Socrates
define philosopher lover of wisdom
the two most important Greek city-states Sparta and Athens
Greek form of government city-state
means "upper city" acropolis
market place agora
greatest scientist of ancient Greece Archimedes
the largest gathering place in the city theater
place in city where young men practiced sports gymnasium
long racing track, straight at one end and rounded at the other stadium
town of the most famous ancient stadium; where the first Olympic games took place in 776 B.C. Olympia
the idea that the citizens of a country should take an active part in the government of the country; comes from the Greek words that mean people and rule democracy
first city-state to become powerful in Greece Sparta
known for their courage, strength, and loyalty Spartans
occupation of Spartans soldiers
greatest cultural center in ancient Greece Athens
age that Spartan men became citizens 30
age that Athenian men became citizens 18
grew the food and did all of the work in Sparta helots
small country north of Greece; Alexander the Great came from here Macedonia
large group of foot soldiers who were armed with shields and with spears that were 14 feet long phalanx
the most important city in the world for that period of time Alexandria in Egypt
father of Alexander Philip II
three seas that surround Greece Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea, and Ionian Sea
book of the Bible that prophesied about Alexander Daniel
number of cities named Alexandria 16
200- year period after Alexander died Hellenistic Age
the most important language Greek
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