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Unit 4 vocab

Imperialism belief that a stronger nation should control weaker nations to build empires
Annex to take over and control land and/or people
Scramble for Africa the race of European nations to colonize land in Africa
Partition to divide up
Assimilate to make or become the same as another
Westernize to convert to the customs of Western nations
Missionary one who goes out to preach to and convert people to their religion
Social Darwinism the strong belief that only the fittest, most strongest people survive and grow wealthy
Exploit to use someone or something for one's own benefit
Direct Rule when the mother country controls a colony alone
Indirect Rule control of a colony by a mother country that allows the natives to maintain their traditions and customs
Sepoy hired Indian solider
Zulu a highly-skilled African warrior
Opia Wars conflicts fought by the Chinese against inperialist attempts to sell drugs for economic gain
Boxer Chinese peasant who vowed to fight against all foreigners in his country
Monroe Doctrine a strong U.S. belief that North,South, and Central America should be closed off to further European colonization
Latin America parts of Mexico, Central and South America and many of the Carribean islands where Spanish, French and Portugeuse is the national language
Manifest Destiny American belief that the United States was destined to expand across the North American continent from the Atlantic to Pacific ocean
Propaganda information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread to help or harm someone or something
Yellow Journalism exaggerated news stories meant to stir up strong emotions in all those who read them
U.S.S Maine U.S. ship that exploded in the Cuban harbor and sparked the Spanish-American war
Roosevelt Corollary the policy that gave policing powers over Latin America to the United States to enforce the Monroe Doctrine
Mejii Restoration period in Japan when rapid industrialization and modernization took place to avoid further imperialism by America and European nations
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