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Norse Mythology Review

What is the name of the realm that the gods live in? Asgard
What is the name of the Viking apocalypse? Ragnarok
What is the name of the realm that the mortals live in? Midgard
In what language was Beowulf originally written? Old English
What are some connections between Norse mythology and Greek mythology? Answers will vary.
What is the name of the realm where the giants live? Jotunnheim
Where did Norse mythology originate? Northern Europe/Scandanavia
How did the climate/culture of the Norse reflect in their myths? They lived in cold, dark areas with not much sunlight. They were around during the Middle Ages which was gloomy. Their myths reflected their somber and hard life by ultimately having the frost giants win at Ragnarok.
What kind of creatures created Thor's hammer? Dwarves
What are Thor's 2 weapons? Hammer and magical belt.
What religion did the Vikings bring to Europe during the Middle Ages? Paganism
How were the initial norse gods created? They were created when the cow licked the stones.
What document contains the writings of the Norse gods? The Elder Edda
Where do the Vikings believe heroes go after they die? Valhalla
Where did the three roots lead from the tree that the gods resided in? Niflheim/Hel, Jotunnehim, and toward the race of men.
What is the name of the kingdom/mead hall in "Beowulf"? Herot
What happens after the apocalypse? The world will be restored and there will be a new leader. All will be destroyed except two humans--one man, one woman.
What are some Christian connections in Norse mythology? Odin died by being nailed to a tree; Odin was pierced in the side with a spear; Grendel is stated as being a descendant of Cain; The first two humans are reminiscent of Adam and Eve; other examples may also fit..
How did Thor and Loki go about getting Thor's hammer back when it was stolen? Thor dressed up as a bride to try and trick the giant who stole his hammer. Loki helped cover up for him by saying things like "his eyes are red because he hasn't slept at all out of excitement."
How does Beowulf kill Grendel? He rips off his arm
What does Beowulf do as an act of pride after he kills Grendel? He hangs Grendel's arm from the rafters in Herot.
How was the earth created? From the body parts of the giant, Ymir.
Where did humans come from? Ash Trees
Name two binaries seen in Beowulf and give an example for each binary. Light/Dark ; Good/Evil ; Christianity/Paganism
Created by: hegli