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8th grade

scholasticism system in which the people as a whole, rather than private individuals own all property and operate all businesses
epic long narrative poem
flying buttress stone supports that stood outside the church
Illumination artistic decorations in books
epidemic outbreak of rapidly spreading disease
longbow a six-foot bow that could rapidly fire arrows with enough force to pierce most armour.
Magna Carta means "Great Charter" A document that outlined rights of people, church and royals. A set of laws and rights
Parliament a council or type of state government in early medieval England
Habeas corpus Latin for "must have the body". The idea that a person could not be held in prision without first being charge for a specific crime.
exchequer treasury - to collect taxes
common law a system of law that was the same for all people based on coourt decisions that have become accepted legal principals.
jury a group of people sworn to make a decision in a legal case.
lay investiture the creation of a bishop by anyone who was not a member of the clergy or church.
annul to invalidate or to cancel
crusade a Holy War
schism a break or permanent division in the church.
levy to collect (Example: to levy taxes on someone is to collect them)
religious toleration policy of allowing people to worship as they choose.
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