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history exam 7th gra

for 1/11/2013

What is the gigantic statue with the body of a lion and the head of a man? Great Sphynx
Which Israelite king asked God for wisdom to rule his kingdom? Solomon
Which Egyptian pharaoh was a teenager pharaoh? King Tut
What group of people carried their alphabet and gave it to other nations? Phonecians
What term is the way the Egyptians preserved dead bodies? mummification
What is the name of Egyptian writing? hieroglyphics
What group of people used strong weapons made of iron in battle? Hittites
Who deciphered the Rosetta Stone? Jean Francis Chamollion
What pharaoh was the only female? Hatshepsut
Which Israelite king was the first human king of Israel? Saul
How long did the Israelites wander in the wilderness? 40 years
What was the name of the Southern Kingdom of Israel? Judah
Name the leaders of Israel during the first 300 years in Canaan. judges
Who led the Children of Israel during the first 300 years in Canaan? Joshua
What is the name of the longest river in the world? Nile River
What group of people were the first in world history to use the wheel? Sumerians
Why is man special to God? Man alone is created in the image of God
What is the name of the area in the Middle East that was known for its ability to grow crops and its crescent moon shape? Fertile Crescent
What do we call a person who worships many gods? polytheists
What term means in the year of our Lord? A.D.
What was the greatest turning point in history? birth of Christ
What was the first sin to be committed? rebellion against God
Name the three special characteristics of man. language and thought; awareness of the difference between right and wrong; freedom to make choices
What term is wedge-shaped Sumerian writing? cuneiform
Why did God send the flood? the wickedness of mankind
What name means mother of all? Eve
By the time of the birth of Jesus, what city became the world's alternative to God. Rome
Why was the Battle of Tours so important? The Muslim advance in Europe was stopped saving Europe from being swallowed up in the Muslim Empire
What was the language of the New Testament? Koine Greek
What document states that Christ is the head of the Church? Bible
What is the holy book of Islam called? Koran
What word means highly praised? Mohammed
What is the religion of the Jews? Judaism
What term is the Muslim holy war? jihad
Who is the one and only god of Islam? Allah
What term refers to the original disciples minus Judas, including Paul? apostles
Where was the first church located? Jerusalem
Who painted the Mona Lisa? Leonardo da Vinci
What were certificates from the pope that excused a person from doing penance or shortened his stay in purgatory? indulgences
Who was the Mayor of the Place that was crowned king by the Pope? Pepin the Short
What was the special court that judged heretics? inquisition
What was the code of conduct for a knight? chivalry
What was a piece of and owned by one man who permitted another man to use it in return for certain promised services? fief
What term is the way of life based on the ownership and use of land? feudalism
Who was crowned "Emperor of the Romans" beginning the Holy Roman Empire? Otto the Great
What treaty divided Charlemagne's kingdom into three parts? Treaty of Verdun
What land was donated to the Pope by Pepin the Short? Papal states
Who was the painter of the Sistine Chapel's ceiling? Michelangelo
Who was the Babylonian king who built the "hanging garden" to console his homesick wife? Nebuchadnezzar
Who allowed the Jews to return to their homeland? Cyrus the Great
Name the place where the Greek gods supposedly lived. Mt. Olympus
Who built the Royal Road? Darius
Which king went insane and live like an animal for 7 years? Nebuchadnezzar
Who is the Greek that is credited with creating the Iliad and the Odyssey? Homer
What event of Greek history was first recorded in 776 B.C? Olympic games
What form of government means ruled by God? theocracy
Who is known as the king of the Greek gods? Zeus
What form of government means ruled by the many or the common people? democracy
Which king boasted that the God of Judah could do not better than the gods of the people he had already conquered? Sennacherib
What form of government means rule by the best? aristocracy
Who was a great Athenian statesman? Pericles
What form of government means a bad from of one man rule? tyranny
Who collected a library of 100,000 clay cuneiform tablets? Ashubanipal
What form of government means ruled by one? monarchy
Who deported the ten tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel? Shalmaneser
What form of government means ruled by a few rich? oligarchy
What war was fought between Athens and Sparta? Peloponnesian War
What form of government is best and why? theocracy because there can be no ruler more just, loving, or protecting than God Himself
What document did Constantine grant toleration of worship? Edict of Milan
What war was fought between Rome and Carthage? Punic wars
Who was the leader of the Huns? Attila
Who became Caesar Augustus? Octavian
Who was the Roman governor of Palestine? Pontius Pilate
Who was the Carthaginian general that marched war elephants over the Alps to attack Rome? Hannibal
Who was the Roman Emperor during Jesus' crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension? Tiberius
What volcano erupted and buried the city of Pompeii? Mt. Vesuvius
Why did the persecution of Christians fail to destroy Christianity? The courage and testimony of those who died for their faith encouraged others to become believers themselves
In what battle did Octavian defeat Antony? Battle of Actium
What war was fought between Germany and the Holy Roman Empire over religious and political issues? Thirty Years' War
What was the series of statements by Martin Luther denouncing certain Catholic teachings? Ninety-five Theses
What term was given to baptized members of the Roman Church who disagreed with Roman teachings? heretics
What movement did the Roman Catholic attempt to stop Catholics from becoming Protestants? Counter-Reformation
Who was most responsible for sparking the Protestant Reformation? Martin Luther
What term means rebirth? Renaissance
Who invented the movable-type printing press? Johann Gutenberg
Whose coronation as king marked the birth of the French nation? Hugh Capet
Who is known as the Morning Star of the Reformation? John Wycliffe
When did the Protestant Reformation begin? 1517
What document ended the Thirty Years' War? Peace of Westphalia
What document declared that Martin Luther a heretic, excommunicated him, and ordered his works burned? Edict of Worms
Name the four statements of belief stated by Martin Luther. 1) Justification by faith; 2) The authority of the Bible; 3) The priesthood of the believer; 4) The right of each Christian to read the Bible for himself.
What name means Charles the Great? Charlemagne
Who was the Greek philosopher admired by many European that was known as The Philosopher? Aristotle
Created by: hiimolive
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