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Learn Facts You Didn't Know About Baseball

How many times have the Yankees won the world series? 27
Who has received the most votes in the MLB Hall of Fame Tom Seaver
What third baseman did the Cincinnati Reds acquire at the 2009 MLB Trade Deadline? Scott Rolen
What was Mickey Mantles rookie year? 1952
In what month did Roger Maris hit his 61st home run in? Whos record did he break? October Babe Ruth
What were the Reds called in the 1970's? The Big Red Machine
In the August 2012 mega-deal, who went from the Boston Red Sox to the LA Dodgers in the trade? Adrian Gonzales Carl Crawford Josh Beckett Nick Punto
This right hander of the San Francisco Giants threw a perfect game on June 13th 2012. Matt Cain
As of January 10th 2013 how many perfect games have been thrown in MLB history? 23
Who did the Los Angeles Angels sign in 2012 and 2013 in the offseason? Albert Pujols 2012 Josh Hamilton 2013
Created by: Jbenge
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