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8th gr Hist Ch 11-12

8th grade History Chapter 11 - 12 Review

Who resigned the vice presidency to lead the fight for states' rights in the Senate? Calhoun
Who was the running mate of "Tippecanoe"? John Tyler
Who was a Philadelphia banker Nicholas Biddle
Who was president whose term was plagued by a severe economic depression? Van Buren
Who ran into trouble with Georgia over his position on Indian lands? Samuel Worcester
What was debated by Webster and Hayne? nullification
What did Jackson create in order to curb inflation? A specie circular
What settled the Canadian boundary questions? The Webster-Ashburton Treaty
What gradually lowered tariff duties Compromise of 1833
What set an unwise precedent for government jobs distribution? Spolls system
What was the name given to the informal group of advisors with whom Andrew Jackson discussed ideas? Kitchen Cabinet
What is the name given to the journey of the Cherokees from Georgia to Indian Territory? Trail of Tears
Which Indian leader stumbled into war with American troops in Wisconsin? Black Hawk
What state issued an Ordinance of Nullification? South Carolina
What term describes the withdrawal of a state from the Union? succession
What act required anyone who bought government lands to pay for them in gold and silver? specie circular
What new political party became a challenge to the Democrats in 1836? Whigs
Who succeeded John Marshall as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? Roger B. Taney
What term describes a president who is serving during the period of time between the election and the inauguration of a new president? lame duck
What state was added to the Union during the presidency of John Tyler? Texas
Describe who Andrew Jackson was. A lawyer, judge, politician, 1st president elected not from the original colonies, able to make his causes for common people
What did Jackson's creation of pet banks result in? inflation
Which court case involved Indians' and states' rights? Indian Removal Act
Why did the south dislike protective tariffs? It raised the price of foreign goods
Who stood the strongest for the supremacy of the federal government? Daniel Webster
What was Andrew Jackson determined to enforce? The Laws
What issue was central to the 1832 presidential campaign? The Bank
List some characteristics of the Whig Party. To restore, national bank, supported high taxes, opposed slavery
What was the Whig strategy for winning the presidency in 1836? The chose several candidates
The administration of which president was logically the lease significant? William Henry Harrison
What did John Deere invent? iron plow
What did Donald McKay set new records with? clipper
What did Peter Cooper race with ? railroad
What idea did Eli Whitney introduce, which led to the mass production of many items? interchangeable parts
What did Samuel F.B. Morse invent? tlegraph
What did Samuel Slater introduce in Pawtucket? factories
What did Cyrus Mc Cormick build in Chicago? Reaper
What did Eli Whitney use to clean a short-staple crop? cotton gin
What term describes the production system whereby many goods are manufactured by many workers assembled in one place? factory system
What were the large revival gatherings in western areas such as Kentucky and Tennessee called? camp meetings
Traveling by boat from Albany, NY to Lake Erie was made possible by what new transportation route? The Erie Canal
Which early road reached all the way from Maryland to Illinois? The National Road
Who is credited with building the first commercially successful steamboat? Robert Fulton
Name the two famous female abolitionists who organized the Seneca Falls Convention for women's rights. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott
What movement in literature placed a great emphasis on emotion? Transcendentalism
From what two countries did most immigrants come during this period? Ireland and Germany
Who opened American trade with Japan? Commodore Matthew Perry
What groups did workers form to promote their goals for labor reforms? labor unions
What were the benefits of the emergence of steamboat river travel? Goods (letters, books), river ports, settlements grew & trade was more profitable
What was true of the newly developed railroad transportation? faster, cheeper, developed quicker, financed by the government
The cotton gin was somewhat responsible for the continuation of what? slavery
To what major Asian markets did Americans expand their sea trade to? China and Japan
What was a partial result of changes occurring in American colleges? The Second Great Awakening
Created by: bgpalmers
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