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Unit 6

Social Studies

Lewis and Clark Two explorers that explored the Louisiana Purchase looking in depth to find new discoveries.
War of 1812 A war between the United States and the British establishing America with an identity by being able to defend its first invasion. and therefore proving to be a powerful force.
East meets West-Japan and China The East meeting West-Japan and China brought new technologies to these places.
Presidencies of George Washington/John Adams/Jackson Washington- Established the presidency in a federal system, Adams-a leader of American independence from great Britain Jackson- accomplishment were mostly negative and was actively fighting
Presidencies of Monroe and Jefferson Jefferson- tried to weaken federalist influences, mainly throughout the judicial branch Monroe- tries to gain more territory throughout the North America (now america)
forty-niners Miners that went west for gold. Some forty-niners came from other countries to seek the gold from America (California).
Stante Fe Trail Transportation route through New Mexico from Missouri. Also a commercial Military route.
Manifest Destiny A belief held by Americans that the country was destined to spread across the continent.
homesteading a lifestyle of self-efficiently built around subsistence of agriculture, home preservation, or foodstuffs. Also, conduced in different manners across the world.
ranching livestock production area by using pastures as a primary resource
factory labor people working on the production of products in factories
Native Lands A territory occupied by the natives (originally in North America), mostly in the west
New Inventions During a time of technological change in the Civil War, some important inventions include a repeating rifle and a submarine which added to the intensity of the Civil War.
Louisiana purchase a territory bought by America from the French in 1802, the area included land from the Mississippi River west, including the major trading city of New Orleans
Mexican American War This battle occurred between an experienced U.S military, and an unexperienced Mexican military. The war was fought for the territory of Mexico in which America gained victory, and won over the present-day states, California, Utah, Nevada, and New Mexico.
Texas After the Texans won their Independence from Mexico, they began to swim in debt. Therefore they were annexed into American. By doing this they also had to give up some land in order to join.
Homestead Act The United States federal law that gives ownership of land (homestead), this was usually little to no cost and consists of 160 acres
Mormons The Mormon church faced a lot of persecution, so many of them migrated to Utah. Missionary work in England also moved the Mormons westward to Utah.
secession The act of withdrawing from a organization, union, or a political entity.
Mining Claims A piece of land that miners buy out to mine and look for valuable gems in order to sell or keep them.
Monroe Doctrine A policy of the United States stating that European nations that try and colonize land or interfere with states in North or South America would be viewed as acts of aggression, the US would have to interfere.
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty of peace between the US and Mexico ending the Mexican-American War.
Mining Corporation A company that payed/pays for people to mine by loaning them money for a mining claim. A percentage of the miners profit from valuables will be given to the company to pay back the loan.
Adams-Onis Treaty A treaty between the U.S. and Spain that gave Florida to the U.S. and and set out a boundary between the U.S. and New Spain.
Gadsen Purchase A region in Arizona and New Mexico that was purchased by the United States and signed by James Gadsen, and American Ambassador.
Oregon Trail One of the main migration routes in North America that was over 2,000 miles long. This helped the United States with their manifest destiny to spread their culture past North America.
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