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Unit 4!

The American Revolution and founding the nation

European Political Theory Our government is modeled after the theory, society vs state
Benjamin Franklin He lead the states to quickly and orderly develop their nation. He helped write many documents.
Articles of Confederation A document to unite the states, but later failed because of its weak government.
John Locke Influenced the American Revolutionaries to be enlightenment thinkers, to recreate society with reason and to challenge the church
Boston Massacre Caused more tension between the Patriots and Loyalists because it was the first actual killings between them. Led to the Revolutionary War
Boston Tea Party Caused the Intolerable Acts and Quebec Act to be issued. Also boosted the Patriots' confidence and encouraged them to revolt
Battles at Lexington and Concord This was were the first shot of the Revolutionary War took place/First militia based battles.
Bunker Hill This battle showed that Americans (patriots) stood a chance against the British in battle.
Saratoga This was when the French decided to ally with the Americans causing the Revolutionary War to become more of a global war.
Yorktown This was essentially the end of the Revolutionary War. The Americans surrounded the British and forced them to surrender.
Sam Adams Led the Boston Tea Party and encouraged many of the colonists to rebel against Britain.
John Adams Member of the Continental Congress, helped get the Declaration of Independence approved by Congress, drew up the final peace treaty with England
John Hancock He was the president of the Second Continental Congress and the first to sign the Declaration of Independence.
Abigail Adams She was an early advocate for women's rights by writing letters to her husband, John Adams, that influenced some of his decisions as president.
Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence declared that the colonies had become an independent nation and stated the reasons for the separation from Britain.
Thomas Jefferson He wrote the Declaration of Independence and was one of the Founding Fathers.
Shay's Rebellion An uprising by farmers lead by Shay because of taxes. Showed the disunity of the colonies.
Patriot A person for the revolution and they pushed for the wars and wanted independence.
Loyalist A person against the revolution and they wanted their people back with no new nation.
Montesquieu His theory of separate powers is implanted in America's government and constitution
Thomas Paine inspired the Revolutionists to sperate from Britain with two influential pamphlets
Forms of government has the authority to govern the country and people
Monarchy More influence and control over the people, also tradition
Democracy all eligible citizens have equal say in decisions that affect their life, a they choose a representative
Theocracy The people have to be the same religion as the rulers or will be punished
Oligarchy a lot of power rests in the hands of only a few people
George Washington A major leader in the revolution mostly used as a militia general, but was also a delegate in the political element of the revolution.
Valley Forge A major turning point in the revolutionary war. People went in weak and came out strong and determined to win the war.
Treaty of Paris 1783 Marked the end of the revolutionary war and recognized America as a separate nation.
13 Original Colonies It was a group of people who were brave enough to separate from their nation and take a chance with a new place.
French and Indian War the British-American victory allowed them to expand their territory, put Britain in debt
Triangle Trade A trade between England, West Africa and the New England Colonies that mixed items to become what they are today. It also brought illnesses to the people who weren't protected against them.
Salem Witch Trials Trials about how the devil gave a selected few people power to harm people to become more loyal to him.
Massachusetts Revolution was the focal point of opposition to British imperial policies because it was major commercial trade center
Set foundation for religious freedom One reason why people separated from Britain was so they could practice their own religion without being persecuted.
Roanoke Queen Elizabeth 1 tried to make a permanent English settlement.
Jamestown First permanent English settlement in the Americas and was the capital of the colony.
Metacom/ King Philip's War The greatest violent event between the Native Americans and colonists.
Hardships/ Difficulties of settling colonies They weren't supported by the King so they didn't have any homes, food or jobs until they created them. Everyone else wanted their land and wanted to fight for it.