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7.4 A vocabulary

Republic A nation in which voters elect representatives
Manifest Destiny The belief that the United States had the right and duty to expand to the Pacific Ocean
Annexation The process of one country taking over part or all of another
Revenue Income received by an individual or organization
Interest The price paid for the use of borrowed money
Immigration The movement of people to an area they are not native to
Foreign Policy A government's plans to deal with issues outside the country
Texas Rangers A special police force and a military unit organized to protect the frontier
Cabinet In government, a group of people who take charge of certain duties
Debt An asset or monetary obligation owed to one party to another party
Migration Movement of people from one place to another
Domestic Policy A government's plans to deal with issues inside the country
Inflation The rise in prices of products in an area over a period of time
Expedition A journey made for some special reason
Treaty A formal agreement between two nations
Frontier The part of a country with expanding settlement that is being opened up by hunters, herders, and other pioneers in advance of full urban settlement
Economic Policy Actions that the government takes in dealing with the economy
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