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Unit 3 Sem vocab


Absolute cost the total expenditure for an ad
Advergames video games containing advertisements
Advertising Any paid form of non-personal communication
Banner ads embedding an ad into a web page
Behavioral Market Segmentation Behavior towards a product
Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) Keep e-mail addresses private
Bookmarks/favorites collection of direct links to predefined web pages stored in your web browser
Broad reach effective for consumer convenience goods like toothpaste
BROADCAST ADVERTISING Forms of advertising on a Broadcast Media
BROADCAST MEDIA Any visual or auditory form of communication
Bulk E-mail Software Make it appear as if only one person is receiving the e-mail
Buttons smaller banner ad normally used to advertise programs used in creating the site
Call to action/response Response mechanisms built into 1st & last paragraphs
Circulation the size of the audience in the media
Collateral Pieces Letters Postcards Catalogs Brochures and Business cards
Copy Text of an advertisement that delivers the sales message
Copy Techniques Intimidate, gurrantees, and repitition
CPM based on cost per thousand
CPRP based on cost per rating point
Demographic Market Segmentation Age, generation, and income
DIRECT MAIL Best method to target specific groups of customers, focus promotional efforts and gain the best results
DIRECT MARKETING Enables marketers to target specific groups of customers to get the best results
DOUBLE OPT-IN Requires recipients to confirm they are registered subscriber
Editorial climate credibility & prestige may influence consumers reaction to an ad
Effective reach percent of consumers in a targeted audience exposed to an ad a specific minimum number of times
EFFECTIVE SUBJECT LINES recognition aaction and make it interesting
E-mail based ads email sent with attached ads
Endorsement a celebrity or athlete is a paid spokesman for a product
Exit pops when you exit a website a related website opens
Flash ads adding interactice elements to standers HTML sites
Floating ads move across the screen
Frequency the number of times you wish to expose a target audience to your advertisements
FULL-SERVICE E-MAIL MARKETING most expensive create all content execute the maillings
Geographic Market Segmentation dividing the entire market into smaller gropus
GRP gross rating points
Guides assist and provides you with info
Headline the most important element of an ad
HOSTING SERVICES send emails and track results
Identification indentify a product
Illustration Image with an advertisement
IN-HOUSE have control over the present action and delivery making any changes possible
Institutional Promotion designed to sell the repotation of the company
Layout the arrangement of the design
Market includes the group of all potential customers who share common needs
Market segmentation dividing the entire market into smaller groups
Marketing segments groups of unique individuals that share common characteristics
Mass marketing single marketing plan to reach all customers
Media the form of communication
Mobile Marketing the use of cell phones as a means of marketing communication
OPT-IN /PERMISSION-BASED give permission to recive promo emails
OPT-OUT recive emails until indicate otherwise
OUT-OF-HOME MEDIA messsage that reaches the customer away from home
Pop-up front/under ads ads that usually display in a new browser window
Product Promotion designed to sell you a specific product or service
Psychographic Market Segmentation activities interest and opinions
QR codes quick response
Reach the number of people in the targeted audience exposed to an acl campaign
Relative cost to determine if one media type is more efficient over another
Rich media ads include animation or video
SPAM junk email
SPECIALTY ADVERTISING promotion messages on every item
Split-runs print different ads for the same product
Sponsored search results aols from companies that may say "brought to you by...."
Sponsorships companies that pay to advertise
STREAMING MEDIA email delivers sound/videos
Target market group of very specific customers that a company desires to have as consumers
Testimonial helps to establish trust with the recipients
Testimonials trust with the recipients
Text ads advertising using text based hyper links
The Body text image and sound
VIRAL MARKETING fowarding another message to someone
Virtual worlds still evolving have not been sucessful
White space the blank space between the elemetns
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