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the general assembly is the official name of the G.A legislature
Ben Franklin invented the Bifocal glasses
The first ten amendments to the U.S constitution are known as The Bill Of Rights
The Yazoo Land Fraud was a scandle that occurred when G.A governor and some legislators were bribed to sell puplic land to private developers
the purpose of the headright system in georgia was to distribute Indian Lands to new settlers
the famous land acquisition that allowed georgia to obtain the most land was called the louisiana purchase
In 1803 thomas jefferson doubled the U.S by acquiring the louisiana purchase from france for 15 million dollars
G.A first college for women was wesleyan college
the federal government donated the land for the university of georgia
the church of jesus christ latter day saints was founded by joseph smith
Richard Allen founded the African methodest church
after the war of 1812 the united states purchesed flordia for 5 million dollars from spain
the star spangled banner was created the war of 1812
the battle of new orlans was fought after the treaty ending the war of 1812 was signed
Andrew Jackson led U.S troops to victory in the battle of new orleans
james madison was the president during the war of 1812
sequoyah developed a syllabary so the cherokee could have a written language
the cherokee capital was located in new echota georgia
the trail of tears was the nick name given to the forced removal of the cherokee from G.A
Ben Franklin most famous publication was poor richards almanack
the red sticks attack on fort mims was most directly responsible for the creek war
chief Mcintosh and governor george troup signed the treaty of indian springs
the discovery of gold in dahlonega led to the final indian removal from G.A
sequoyah developed the cherokee syllabary
Elias Boudinot was the editor of the cherokee syllabary
the indian removal act of 1803 allowed G.A to officially remove the cherokee
the 2 major tribes in G.A were the cherokee and creek
the forced removal of the cherokee to the west was known as the trail of tears
in 1803 whites that lived on cherokee lands in G.A had to take an oath of allegiance to the governor
G.A settlers wanted the cherokee indians moved to the western territories because they wanted the indians land of gold
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