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US Hist Ch. 6 Vocab

Chapter 6 Terms and Names

Eli Whitney important American inventor who first demonstrated the use of interchangeable parts and invented the cotton gin
interchangeable parts standardized parts that can be used in place of one another
mass production the production of goods in large quantities, mad possible by the use of machinery and the division of labor
Industrial Revolution the change in social and economic organization that resulted from the replacement of hand tools with machines and from the development of large scale production
cotton gin a machine for cleaning the seeds from cotton
Henry Clay Speaker of the House who proposed the American System
American System a set of measures designed to unify the nation and strengthen its economy
National Road a federally funded road that extended from Cumberland, Maryland to Vandalia, Illinois
Erie Canal a 363 mile long artificial waterway connecting the Hudson River with Lake Erie
McCulloch v. Maryland an 1819 case in which the Supreme Court ruled that Maryland had no right to tax the Bank of the United States, thereby strengthening the power of the federal government
John Quincy Adams Secretary of State under President Monroe who established a foreign policy guided by nationalism, also later President of the United States
nationalism a devotion to the interests and culture of one's nation
Adams-Onis Treaty an 1819 agreement in which Spain gave control of Florida to the United States
Monroe Doctrine a policy of US opposition to European interference in the affairs of the Western Hemispher
Missouri Compromise a series of agreements passed by Congress to maintain the balance of power between slave states and free states
Andrew Jackson winner of the 1828 presidential election who portrayed himself as a man of humble origins and started the Democratic-Republican political party
Democratic-Republican Party a political party known for its support of strong state governments, founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1792
spoils system the practice of winning candidates' rewarding their supporters with government jobs
Indian Removal Act a law that forced Native American peoples east of the Mississippi River to relocated to lands in the West
Trail of Tears the marches during which thousands of Cherokee peoples died while being forcibly removed from Georgia to the Indian Territory
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