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World War 2

Am History

What was the temporary imprisonment of Japanese in U.S. during WWII due to the fear that they might be spies? Internment
Who was the leader of Germany and creator of the Nazi Party? Hitler
What was the "night of broken glass" when the Nazis attacked Jewish Businesses and synagogues? Kristallnacht
Who were the Japanese pilots that deliberately crashed their planes into American ships during WWII? Kamikaze
What was the Alliance between Germany, Italy, and Japan during WWII called? Axis Powers
What was the Alliance between Great Britain, France, U.S. and Soviet Union during WWII called? Allies
Who were Hitler's master race of people with blonde hair and blue eyes? Aryans
What was the agreement made between Great Britain and Germany where the Sudetenland was given to Hitler so that he would not go to war? Munich Agreement
Who was the commander of the Allied forces during D-Day? Dwight Eisenhower
Who was the President after FDR's death? Truman
What was Great Britain's Air Force called? Royal Air Force
What was Germany's Air Force called? Luftwaffe
What was the system of obstacles set up(mines, barb wire, etc.) by the Germans along the Atlantic Ocean to keep the Americans from invading Europe? Atlantic Wall
What was the city in Japan where the 1st atomic bomb was dropped? Hiroshima
What means giving into one's demands to avoid a bigger problem? Appeasement
What word means prejudice and discrimination against Jewish people? Anti-Semitism
What is the policy of staying out of other countries problems? The U.S took this position at the beginning of WWII. Isolationism
What was the day called that the Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy to liberate(take back) France from Nazi control? D-Day
What was Hitler's plan to deliberately kill all the Jewish people? Final Solution
What was the law that was passed that allowed FDR to sell or lend war supplies to any country that he considered vital to the safety of the U.S.? Lend Lease Act
What was the codename for the development of the Atomic Bomb? Manhattan Project
What was the city in Japan where the 2nd atomic bomb was dropped? Nagasaki
What was the piece of land in Czechoslovakia that was given to Hitler as a result of the Munich Agreement? Sudetenland
What was the nickname for Great Britain during Battle of Britain because they were preparing for an invasion by Germany? Island Fortress
Where did D-Day happened? Normandy
Where was the atomic bomb tested? New Mexico
What was the country that Hitler first invaded that sparked WWII? Poland
What was the barrier that was supposed to keep France protected from Germany invading? Maginot Line
What was Germany's fighting style that used lightening fast force? Blitzkrieg
Where did Japan attack the U.S.? Pearl Harbor
Who was the president that gave surviving Japanese-Americans $20,000 to repay for what the government did to them? Ronald Reagan
What did Hitler need to do in order to invade Britain? Control the skies
What were passed to keep the U.S. out of the war and other country's issues? Neutrality Acts
What was it called when Allied leaders met after WWII to determine the fate of Germany? Yalta Conference
What was it called when the U.S. limited food, fuel, and other resources to American citizens so they could send more supplies overseas to American soldiers? Rationing
What group of people were able to get new jobs and opportunities as American men went overseas to fight with the Allied Forces? Women and minorities
What did Americans purchase during the war to lend their money to the war effort? Liberty Bonds
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