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Jazz Age Vocab 1

Prohibition the period of time between 191 and 1932 when it was illegal to make, transport, or sell alcohol in the United States.
18th/21st Amendment the Constitutional Amendments which began and ended Prohibition. The 21st Amendment is the only time an amendment has reversed or overturned a prior amendment.
jazz an American style music which uses African American rhythms and improvisation.
Improvisation instrumental or vocal performance in which the musician plays a song a little differently than the last time to make it sound new or more creative.
composer a musician who scores or writes down the specific notes that he or she wants performers to play or sing so that each performance is nearly identical to the one before it.
19th Amendment the suffrage amendment which gave woman the right to vote; some woman in the Jazz Age began to assert their newfound freedoms by wearing new fashion, driving cars, and behaving more boldly in their relationships with men.
Harlem Renaissance a new outpouring of artistic expression in music, art, and writing by African Americans which centered in NYC.
Great Migration the movement of large numbers of African Americans from the South to Northern cities beginning during World War I and continuing through most of the first half of the 1900's.
installment buying the practice of paying only part of the price of a product when you take possession of it; the rest of the cost is paid in monthly installments, with interest, to the bank until the full price had been paid.
stock market shares of some companies are sold on the stock market to investors who hope to make money if the company makes a profit using their money.