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Unit 2 Sem vocab


Production scheduling the management and allocation of resources, events and processes to create goods and services
Round Robin everyone plays each other at least one time
Double Elimination teams must lose twice, after one loss they move into losers bracket
Single Elimination when you lose you no longer play in the tournament
Multistage games are played during same period but at different locations
Heats a round of competition, such as a swim meet
Tournament play seeded based on ranking-normally single elimination
Ladder individual contests ranked on a ladder and can move up or down based on results
Match play you either win, lose or half a hole and only count total holes won
Scramble players select the best ball and all shoot from that spot
Project unique task with a beginning and an end
Stakeholders Benefit from successful project completion
Marketing Information data collected from internal or external sources to help make marketing decisions
Facts something that actually exists, reality, truth
Estimates an approximate judgment or careful calculation about the impact of a product
Predictions a forecast of something to happen
Relationships What happens to products, estimates or predictions based on changes
Demographic Information Population, age ranges, and salaries
SALES INVOICES Records with customer profiles
Four C’s Collect, Convert, Communicate, Counter
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