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hard-facts DBE pg1-4

Doing Buss Europe

Location Central Europe
Size 357km
How many Neighbouring states 9
Name neighnors benelux, france, switz, check,po, austria, denmark
largest cities berlin 3.5 hamburg 1.
how many states 16
population 81millions
population growth -.06
age structure 0-14 10% 14-64 70% 65 17%
ethnics groupos 90% german 2%turkish 6%others
religion 30% portesnad and cahtolic 5%mus 35% atheist
gov federal republic
executuve branch chief of state-joachim bauch head of goverment angfela merkel
legislative branch bucameral parlmaent bundestag, bundesrat
main politicla parties cdu, csu, green, linkpartei, piratein
In europe which econmy is germany, and in the world first, fourth
gdp 2.4trillion
gdp real growth 3%
gdp per capita 43,700
public dept 81.2%
social market economy soziale marktwirtschaft
labor force 41 million
unemployemtn rate 5,4%
inflation rate 2.3%
economy characteristics small and medium enterprises >85%
hdp composition 1%agricultural 29%industry 70%services
name 5 states, not wadenbutt or bavaria Berlin,heesen, hamburg, bremen, saarland ect
4 mayor patent developers germany, usa, japan, france
approx of german patents 13,584
Germany account balance, exports and imports 158 millions, 1.06 trillion 902 billion
top 4 exporters france, usa, u.k, netherland
top 4 importers netherlands, france, china, usa
top leading world exporters germany, usa, china
top leadin world importers usa, germany, china
rank of doing business 19
mention 3 infrastructure advantages in germany dense railway system, many international airports, many seaports
top 3 infraestructure hongking, germany, singapur
what are the two banking systems universal banking, specialized banking
courts of the legal system and fx administrative-arbitray decision of authorities, ordinary-criminal disputes, labour.industrial relations, fiscal taxes, social, health care , pension, european coouirt of justice-european law applied
starting abusiness procederes, duaration, money 9, 24, 1,775 euros
Created by: jnartig
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