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Chap.. 3 vocabulary

soc studies

Work done to help the community public service
Something that is good for everyone in a community common good
A person who chooses to work without being paid volunteer
To vote for, or choose, a leader elect
To choose for a government job without being paid appoint
The right of a leader to give orders or take action authority
A disagreement conflict
A place where a jude decides wether a person has broken the law and, if so, what the consequences will be court
A group of usually 6 to 12 citizens who sit in a courtroom and listen to the facts of a case jury
Property, such as a park or swimming pool, that belongs to everyone in the community public property
Property, such as a home, business, or farm, that belongs to one person or a group of people private property
A way to settle a conflict in which each person gives up some of what he or she wants compromise
A person who helps both sides settle a disagreement mediator
Created by: janzof