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SS unit 9 vocab quiz

Social Studies 8th grade Chapter 9 vocab quiz 1/4/13

alien a person who is not a citizen of the US
amend changed
amerced assessed
amnesty forgiveness
Antifederalist opposers of the Constitution
appeal take a case to a higher court for rehearing and possibly a new decision
apportionment the process of determining the # of representatives a county or a district may have in the legislature
Articles of confederation the first constitution of the US
cabinet advisers President Washington could consult about executive decisions
Federalist supporters of the Constitution
incorporation the legislature gave the town a seperate, legal status with its own town government
judicial review the power to exmaine laws to determine whether they were constitutional
nulluification the states had the right to refuse to obey and enforce a federal law that they thought was wrong
ratify approved by the state
sedition words of actions that encourage people to rebel against the government
states' right any power not specifically given to the federal government in the Constitution were reserved for the states
tariff a tax on imports
unicameral one-house, legislature or Congress
U.S. Constitution new document written by the convention
Created by: kmm0602