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brdrvw channel/stage

6 meridian, 4 stage, sanjiao

6 meridian theory establishes the standard progression of such a COLD illness from exterior to interior.
Taiyang Meridian most exterior, headache, stiff neck, fever, SOB, floating and tight or even pulse.
Taiyang Fu water retention: urine retention, fever, wind aversion, sweating, thirst and vomiting, lower ab distention. Blood Stasis: spasms and distention in ab, wild behavior, deep & hes. pulse, poss jaundice.
Yangming Meridian high fever, profuse sweating, extreme thirst, restlessness/delirium, fearful anxiety, labored breathing, P: surging and large
Yangming Fu heat moves into interior, daily recurrent fever, delirium, constipation, hard distention & pain around navel, P: deep & full
Shaoyang half in/half out, gallbladder qi does not flow freely. 2 patterns. A. bitter taste, dry throat, blurred vision. B. chillls & fever, fullness in chest and flank, depression & anorexia, dysphoria & vomiting, P: taut
Taiyin def cold in Sp & St, ab distention & vomiting, diarrhea, spasmodic ab pain, P: even but feeble
Shaoyin Cold more common, mostly d/t Ht & Ki yang def, cold limbs, thirst with desire for wam, clear polyuria, diarrhea, palpitations, lying curled up, somnolence, P: threadlike & rapid
Shaoyin Heat d/t yin def & yang excess, restlessness, insomnia, pain/sores in throat, P: threadlike & rapid
Jueyin late stage disease of Gb, Lv, St, diabetes, reflux, burning pain in heart, hunger w/o desire to eat, vomiting worms, diarrhea
4 stages establishes standard of exogenous heat disease from external to internal.
Wei heat attacking Lu, fever, wind & cold aversion, sweating, headache, thirst, cough, sore throat, T: red tip and sides, P: floating & rapid pulse
Qi many patterns, fever, heat aversion, restlessness, thirst, dark urine, possible sx: cough, chest pain, thick yellow sputum, labored breathing, delirium, T: red w/yellow coat, P: rapid
Ying heat is in deep and severe, enters Ht & Pc, fever worse at night, agitation w/insomnia, mental confusion/delirium, mild thirst, faint skin rashes, T: crimson, P: thready & rapid
Xue critical stage, dark rash or bleeding, fever, flushed face, dry mouth & tongue, tinnitus w/deafness, T: crimson, P: rapid-empty
Sanjiao complements diagnosis by 4 phases, progression of exogenous warm illness.
Upper Jiao Wind-Heat fever, aversion to cold, headahce, sore throat, slight sweating, runny nose w/yellow mucus, swollen tonsils, body aches, thirst, T: red lu area or sides, P: floating-rapid
Upper Jiao Lung fever, SOB, cough, sweating, thirst, oppression & pain in chest, T: red w/yellow coat, P: rapid-overflowing
Upper Jiao Pericardium high fever at night, burning in epigas, cold limbs, delirium, aphasia, T: crimson, no coat, stiff, P: fine & rapid
Middle Jiao Bright Yang fever worse in pm, feeling of heat, thirst, profuse sweating, T: red w/yellow coat, P: overflowing & rapid
Middle Jiao Sp Damp-Heat fever, epigastric fullness, heaviness of body& head, nausea, vomiting, T: red w/sticky, yellow coat, P: soggy & rapid
Lower Burner Ki Heat fever in afternoon and evening, 5 palm heat, dry mouth & throat, night sweats, deafness, lassitude, T: deep red, no coat, P: floating, empty, & rapid
Lower Burner Lv Heat & Wind high fever at night, coma, convulsions, clenched teeth, T: deep red no coat, P: wiry, fine, & rapid
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