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A-History Review

5th Grade history Review Ch.1-9

The study of the earth's surface geography
Which continents make up the Old World? Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, and Antartica
What marks the beginning of human history? the creation of Adam and Eve
What does B.C. mean? Before Christ
What gives the only true and reasonable record of our beginnings? the Bible
What event divides time between B.C. and A.D.? the birth of Christ
What is evolution? the false belief that man began as an animal
What were the Babylonians known for? Hanging Gardens
Which nation had no great accomplishments? Canaanites
Which nation was known as early empire builders? Hittites
Which nation made the world's first coins? Lydians
What was the Phoenicians' most valuable contribution to the world? alphabet
Who was the most famous citizen of Ur? Abraham
What is the wedge-shaped writing used by the Sumerians called? cuneiform
What language is spoken by most people in the Middle East today? Arabic
What is the most important natural resource in the Middle East today? oil
Persia was once called... Iran
What is reincarnation? the belief that when a person dies his soul is reborn in some other newborn man or animal
Where did the Indian civilization begin? Indus River Valley
Name the largest country in Africa. Sudan
the world's largest swamp Sudd
structure built to control flooding of the Nile Aswan High Dam
waterway that separates Africa and Asia Suez Canal
The largest freshwater lake in the world Lake Victoria
the largest city in the Africa Cairo
Where is the Serengeti National Park located? Tanzania
body of water that connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean Starit of Gibraltar
the two African countries that were never colonies of Europe Liberia and Ethiopia
What are Pygmies? short descendants of the original inhabitants of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Why is the Rosetta Stone important? it was the key to understanding hieroglyphics
What device did the Egyptians use to irrigate crops? shadoof
"Land of the Rising Sun" Japan
"Spice Islands" Indonesia
famous center of learning in Africa Timbuktu
Africa's highest mountain Mt. Kilimanjaro
fourth largest island in the world Madagascar
location of the Barbary Coast Mediterranean Sea
Capital of Egypt Cairo
capital of Sudan Khartoum
capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Kinshasa
capital of Ethiopia Addis Ababa
capital of Kenya Nairobi
capital of South Africa Cape Town
capital of Tanzania Dar es Salaam
leader of Chinese Communists Mao Tse-Tung
only woman pharoah of Ancient Egypt Hatshepsut
the "Father of Faith Missions" Hudson Taylor
first known African Christian Ethiopian eunuch
Queen of the Cannibals Mary Slessor
greatest missionary explorer to Africa David Livingstone
Father of American Missions Adoniram Judson
first Egyptian leader to make peace with Israel Anwar Sudat
first black president of South Africa Nelson Mandela
righteous Batswana chief Khama
capital of China Brijing
capital of India New Delhi
capital of Iraq Baghdad
capital of Israel Jerusalem
capital of Japan Tokyo
capital of South Korea Seoul
capital of Syria Damascus
capital of Taiwan Taipei
capital of Thailand Bangkok
capital of Turkey Ankara
Created by: vwalker5
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