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Intro: Basketball

A player receiving the ball has 3 options. What are they? shoot, pass, dribble
How is the ball put back into play after a traveling violation? Pass in from out of bounds by opponent.
Name the violation when a player dribbles, stops, and then begins to dribble again. Double dribble
Where do you position yourself when on defense? Between your person and the basket.
How many players, from each team, are on the court during a full court basketball game? 5
3 common violations in a basketball game are: traveling, double dribble, foul, 3 seconds, over and back, out of bounds
Which type of player usually plays closer to the basket, a guard or a post? Post
When shooting a basketball, should you look at the ball or the hoop? Hoop
When shooting a basketball, should you use both hands equally or shoot with your dominant hand (other hand used to keep the ball in the correct position)? Shoot with your dominant hand, other hand used to keep the ball in correct position.
When shooting, where on the hand should the ball sit? Fingertips
When a player runs with the ball without dribbling it, the violation is called ____. traveling
Which type of player usually does most of the dribbling on a team, a guard or a post? guard
In what situation will a player be awarded foul shots? Fouled when shooting OR technical foul OR bonus situation
During a foul shot, which team occupies the space closest to the basket, the shooter's or the opponent's? opponents
What is the free throw area of the court called? The key
A basket made from inside the 3 point arc during game play is worth how many points? 2
Created by: kdungey