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Intro:Muscle Fitness

Intro to PE Muscle Fitness

The GASTROCNEMIUS is located on what body part? Calf or back of lower leg
The BICEP is located on what body part? (Also include front or back) Front of upper arm
The TRICEP is located on what body part? (Also include front or back) Back of upper arm
The QUADRICEP is located on what body part? (Also include front or back) Front of thigh
The HAMSTRING is located on what body part? (Also include front or back) Back of thigh
The Abdominals are located on what body part? Stomach
The Pectoralis is located on what body part? Chest
Is the TRAPEZIUS located on the upper or lower body? Upper
The Latissimus Dorsi is located on what body part? Back
The Tibilis Anterior is located on what body part? (Also include front or back) Shin or front of calf
The DELTOID is located on what body part? Shoulder
When exercising, a SET refers to ____ a group of lifts or a group of reps
When exercising, a REP refers to _____ one lift or one repetition
Two pieces of SAFETY EQUIPMENT available in the weight room are Belts and Collars
When performing the BENCH PRESS, when do you breathe out? Breathe out when you push the weight up
When performing the SQUAT, where do you focus your eyes? Forward and up
When performing the BENCH PRESS, how far do you bring the bar down? touch the bar to your chest
When performing the squat, how far do you go down? until thigh is parallel with the floor
Name one of the main functions of muscles Movement, or posture, or produce heat, or maintain vital organs.
Where is cardiac muscle located? Heart
Where is skeletal muscle located? Attached to skeleton, the muscles responsible for movement
Are skeletal muscles voluntary or involuntary? Voluntary
What is the fuel for muscles? Glucose (from our diet)
What percent of our muscles is water? 75%
Name the structure that connects muscle to bone. Tendon
Name the stucture that connects bone to bone. Ligament
Which of our muscles are the fastest? The ones that make our eyes blink.
What role does general muscle fitness, including flexibility, play in overall health. Injury prevention
What part of your body moves when your HAMSTRING contracts? Be specific. Lower leg
Is CARDIAC muscle voluntary or involuntary? involuntary
When muscles cannot produce enough oxygen for the work they are performing, what substance is formed? lactic acid
To train for muscular STRENGTH, use ______(more,less) weight and _____ (few,more) reps. more weight, few reps
To train for muscular ENDRUANCE, use ______(more,less) weight and _____ (few,more) reps. less weight, more reps
Created by: kdungey
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