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History(The age of exploration)

What was the age of exploration? The years when Europeans explored many areas of the world for the 1st time
What were the years of the age of exploration? 1400AD to 750AD
People had certain ideas about the world before explorations began,give three of these ideas They believed that the earth was flat. The seas further south were boiling. The world was smaller than it actually was
Give three reasons why people wanted new sea routes The influence of the renaissance,wealth and fame and religion
Explain how the influence of the renaissance made people want to explore new trade routes During the renaissance old ideas began to be questioned. This led Europeans to explore the world
How did wealth and fame make people want to find new sea routes? Voyages were paid for by governments of head of a country, when land was found the explorer claimed it for their king and queen
How did religion make people want to find new sea routes? Europeans wanted to defeat and conquer Muslims because Muslims had control over north Africa and its trade route. They wanted to convert Muslims into Christians
what made voyages possible? New ships called caravels
Give two characteristics of caravels They were clinker-built and has lateen sails
What does the term clinker-built mean? It means that the boards on the side of the ship overlapped to make it stonger
What is meant by the word lateen? Lateen is the word for triangular sails,witch made the caravels to sail faster
Name two types of navigation equipment used by explorers during the age of exploration Compasses and log and line
What was a compass? A type of equipment used by sailor to let them know which direction they were sailing in
What was log and line? A type of equipment used to measure the speed at witch a ship was going
How was the log and line used? The line with a log tied to the end of it was thrown out of the ship,the line was marked by knots, equally distanced apart. The speed of the ship was calculated by how fast the knots went through the sailors hands
Give 4 facts of how life was like for a sailor on a ship during the age of exploration Prayers were said in the mornings and evenings,food on the ship was mainly dry, salted,sailors ate ships biscuit(a flat loaf cooked until hard) and sailors didnt bathe everyday, maybe once a week or month
Give 4 more facts on how life was like for a sailor on a ship during the age of exploration Some sailors suffered from scurvy(lack of vitamin c), they slept in hammocks,discipline was very strict and once a sailor died the priest on broad said a prayer and then they were thrown overboard
What was an astrolabe or a quadrant used for? To calculate latitiude
What did sailors do during the day? Mended sails,repaired the ship or helped with navigation
Give 2 reasons for Portuguese voyages The Portuguese had heard about gold down south of Africa. They had also heard about Prestor John and believed that if they could join forces with him,they could defeat the Muslims
Who was Prestor John? A king that led a great Christian kingdom somewhere in Africa
Who was Prince Henry the Navigator? The leader of Portuguese expiditions
Give 4 points about his life He was the 3rd son of the king of Portugal, he set up a school for navigation in southern Portugal,where ship builders ,map makers and astronomers planned voyages to Africa. By the time he died the Portuguese had discovered Cape Verda (Isl) in Cape Bajado
What year did Prince Henry the Navigator die? 1460
Where did Bartolemew Diaz discover The Cape of Storms,renamed the Cape of Good Hope by king John of Portugal
What Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama find? India,he opened the trade doors in India
Give two results of the Portuguese voyages Trading ports were set up in Africa and India. The Arabs were defeated and the Portuguese took control of the trade between Asia and Europe
Who was Christopher Columbus? An Italian explorer that led a Spanish voyage and discovered America
What was the treaty of Tardesillies? Agreed in 1494,this drew a line on the globe from north to south.Land discovered on the east was Portuguese and land discovered on the West was Spanish
Who was Ferdinand Magellan? Originally born in Portugal Magellan sailed for the king of Spain, he was to first to go completely around the world
Give 3 consequences of the explorations Civilizations were destroyed(e.g Aztec religions and languages were banned and they had to speak Spanish), Death and Economic wealth
Give 3 results of the age of exploration? Slavery,rise of the Atlantic,spread of Christianity,rise of empire, geographical knowledge,cultures destroyed
Created by: Chimozukee