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History(The Renaissance)

What does renaissance mean? Rebirth
When did the Renaissance begin? During the late middle ages
What years the the renaissance last? 1450 to 1650
Where did the renaissance begin? Italy
Give a reason why the renaissance began in Italy Italians wanted to learn more about ancient Rome.
What is a sculptor? A person who makes statues or carvings out of stone and other objects
What is an architect? A person who plans and designs buildings
Name a renaissance city Florence, Itlay
Give two ways in witch medieval paintings differed from renaissance paintings Medieval paintings were flat + lifeless, renaissance paintings were very lifelike. Medieval art usually dealt with religious objects only,renaissance artists were influenced by humanism + therefore painted secular(non-religious)aswel as religious paintngs
Name a famous renaissance painting and its artist The Mona Lisa, Leonardo DeVinci
Who painted Bacchus and Ariadne? Titan
Who painted the school of Athens? Raphael
What is the meaning of the word Fresco? Fresh
Name a Patron of art The Medici family, Florence
Who was Lorenzo di Medici? A famous patron of the arts during the renaissance
Where did he rule? The city-state of Florence
What was the occupation of the Medici's? Extremely wealthy bankers
Who did they loan money to? Many people including kings and popes
When was Lorenzo born? 1449
When did he become the ruler of Florence? When he was 20
Lorenzo had other talents apart from banking, what were they? An athlete and a poet
What was Lorenzo also know as? Lorenzo the magnificent
Name two people under Lorenzo's patronage Leonardo da Vinci(Painted the Mona Lisa) and Michelangelo(Sculpted the statue of David)
Who painted the Birth of Venus? Sandro Botticelli
Name a patron of the arts from Rome Pope Leo X
Who sculpted the statue of David? Michaelangelo
Who was Leonardo da Vinci? A famous painter,inventor and all-round genius
What were the years of da Vinci 1452-1519
Who was Verrocchio? Leonardo da Vinci's father
Where was da Vinci born Vinci, Florence, Italy
What two paintings did Leonardo da Vinci paint whilst in Milan? The Virgin of the Rocks and The Last Supper
What were Leonardo's notebooks in? Mirror writing
What was mirror writing? Bach to front, right to left
What did da Vinci study? Biology(plants and animals)
What did da Vinci love drawing? interesting faces(he sometimes followed people until they let him draw them
Name two inventions bu Leonrado da Vinci An aeroplane and a submarine
Name two famous architects during the Renaissance Fillipo Burnelleschi and Andrea Palladio
Who was Galileo Galilei? A professor of matematics
What did Galileo do? He discovered that items of different weights fell at the same speed and he developed the pendulum clock and he discovered that the earth revolved around the sun
What the church court do to Galileo He was imprisoned and threatened with torture because he wrote a book called the dialogue in the vernacular where he contradicted the bible
List two facts about women during the renaissance They were given little education, they were forbidden to attended universities, and forbidden to study the male body
Name a famous writer during the Renaissance William Shakespeare
Created by: Chimozukee
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