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History(The church in the middle ages)

What was the chief church in each diocese called? A cathedral
Where does the pope live? Rome
What was a papal bull? An official document issued by the pope
What was a diocese? The division of a Christian country
What was a parish? The division of dioceses
What were the two styles of church building in the middle ages known as? Romanesque and Gothic
Why were Romanesque buildings called so? They followed the architecture of ancient Rome
Give three characteristics of Romanesque churches Very thick walls. Rows of very thick pillars. Windows were small
What were Gothic carvings of demons called? Gargoyles
Name a famous cathederal Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris
Give a example of a cathedral Ireland based Christchurch
Give three characteristics of Gothic bulidings Thin walls. Thin pillar. Large windows
What was an infirmarin? The person in charge of the infirmary, where sick people went
What was an almoner? A person in charge of the almonry. Where alms were given to the poor
What was the job of the bursar? To look after the monasteries finances
What was the job of the guest master? He was in charge of the guest house
What were scribes? Monks who copied and illustrated manuscrpits
What was a cloister? A open courtyard with a covered passage around the edge. Monks walked there when it was wet
What was a chapter house? Where a chapter of the orders rules were read each day
Where did monks sleep? A dormitory
What was a refectory? The dinning room for monks
What was a bakehouse? Where bread was made
What were medieval clergymen? Monks who lived in monasteries or abbeys
What was a habit? A robe a monk wore
What was a tonsure? The type of haircut a monk had
What was the usual waking time for monks? Around 3am
What was the usual sleeping time for monks? Around 9pm
What was a friar? New orders of clergy in medieval times
Who were the best known friars? Dominicans,Franciscans and Augustians
Just like monks friars made the solemn promises, what were these promises? A vow of poverty, not to have any possessions of their own. A vow of chastity, promising to avoid sexual relation and a promise to obey the prior or leader of the frairy
What is a pilgramage A religious journey
Give an example of a pilgramage Lough Derg co.Donegal
Created by: Chimozukee
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