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History(The middle ages)

What were the middle ages also known as? Medieval times
What were the years of the middle ages? AD500- AD1500
Why was the middle ages called the middle ages? Because it was between what historians called ancient times and modern times
Give another name for the feudal system Feudalisim
What was the feudal system? A form of government in medieval Europe
Who was in control during medieval times? The King
What was the order of the feudal system? The King,barons,bishops,vessals,knights,peasants,serfs and slaves
What were the three stages of training for a knight? Page at 7,Squire at 14 and Knight at 21
What was the dubbing ceremony? The ceremony when the squire became a knight
What was the code of chivalry? The code a knight had to obey
What did the code of chivalry state? A knight had to be loyal to his lord,be brave,be polite to noblewomen and kind to the poor
What was a steed or charge? Horses knights fought on
What was chain mail? Protective armour
What were maces? Heavy metal clubs
Name two knightly sports Jousting and hawking
What was jousting? when two knights rode straight at each other and used lances to try and unseat his opponent
What was hawking? When a knight used specially trained birds of prey to hunt down other birds
Motte and bailey was a type of castle in medieval times. Who or what was kept in the bailey? Servants houses
What were disadvantages of motte and bailey castles? They were usually small and cramped. The wood around them would rot over time
Give 3 characteristics of a stone castle It was made out of stone. It had dungeons. It had a spiral staircase
Name 3 types of weapons used to attack castles Siege ladders,crossbows and tunnels
Who was the Lady of the Manor? A lords wife
List 3 duties of the Lady of the Manor Supervised servants,tended to the sick,took charge of the castle when the lord was absent
List three duties of women in the middle ages They cooked, cleaned and cared for children
Who were freemen? People who paid rent to the lord,but owed him no other duties
Who were serfs or villeins? The belonged to the lord,could not marry or leave the manor without his permission. As rent, serfs gave the lord crops or animals
Who were peasants? Poor country people
What would happen to a robber in medieval times? His or her hand would be cut off
What would happen to a person who told harmful lies in medieval times? His or her tongue would be cut out
What would happen to a murderer in medieval times? They would be hung publicaly
What was a guild? The controller of a craft
What were craftsman? People who made things
Give three functions of a guild Fixed wages and prices,gave financial help to sick members or to families of dead members and might set up schools for children of guild memebers
Who were the Normans? Descendants of Vikings who settled in Normandy in France
What did Normans bring with them? Castles,knights and other feature of medieval life to Britain and later Irleand
What was the Bayeaux Tapestry? A town in northern France that depicts the story of the Norman invasion of England
Why did the Norman invasion of Ireland succeed? Normans had well-trained professional knights and were well equipped
Give three results of the Norman invasion The feudal system. Medieval towns, Castles and the English language
Created by: Chimozukee
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